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11 Creative Ways to Decorate With Kids' Artwork

We all know kids love to make art, but is it starting to take over your house? Here are several chic and uncluttered ways to display your little Picasso's masterpieces.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Cork Gallery Wall

A roll of cork is lightweight and easy to cut and install. Go big and cover an entire wall for an intentional, tidy look. For extra punch and color, spray-paint empty frames and mount with picture-hanging strips to showcase those "special" pieces.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Clipboard Wall

We hung columns of colorful clipboards on the walls using low-profile pins that make nearly invisible holes. Each color clipboard is assigned to a different child. We went ahead and added photos to the top clipboard to personalize the columns a little further. Now, your budding artist can swap out their artwork or classwork anytime they want.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Easy Swaps

Sleek, easy-to-install curtain wire with hooks make it easy for kids to swap out pieces of all shapes and sizes.

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions

Scan + Print

Trade the clutter for something truly chic. Shrink all of your favorite pieces into one you'll be proud to display. Take photos of your favorites, then use design software to create a streamlined collage. Print it out and frame it! Now you can toss the original pieces with ZERO guilt.

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