Autumn Garden Gate Decor

Give a hearty welcome to your garden with this fall garden gate decor project.

Fun fall Garden Gate Decor

Spruce up your garden gate with this cheery welcome arrangement.

Materials for Autumn Garden Gate Decor

What you will need: medium rake head hack saw (optional)/ box saw/ artificial autumn leaves (2 bunches)/ artificial mums/ piece of burlap 4” wide by 45” long/ paint stir stick/ craft board (1/4” x 2 ½” x 24”)/ craft paint/ 2 brads or small nails/ adhesive letters/ floral wire/ wire cutters

Separating the rake head

Remove the handle from rake head (if necessary) using a hack saw.

Bringing the leaves together

Twist artificial leaf bunches together at a few stems to secure them.

Bundling the Leaves and Floral Elements

Place artificial mums on the leaves a bit lower than the top of the leaves and secure around the bottom of the stems with a piece of floral wire. Even out the bottom of the stems by cutting away any excess with the wire cutters.

Wrapping the stems with burlap

With a tail about 15”, begin wrapping the stems with burlap. Starting at the top of the stems, take the burlap down the stems and wrap around the bottom in the same direction as the tail at the top. Continue wrapping around the stems from the bottom of the stems to the top.

Making a burlap knot

At the top tie a knot with the tail you created at the beginning.

Creating a finished tail

Cut a diagonal line across the bottom of both tails for a finished look.

Attaching the Bouquet to the Rake Base

Place the leaves and mums on the rack head lay it on a flat surface with the back of the rake facing up. Secure the floral arrangement with wire at the base of the rake.

Attaching the Bouquet

Secure the floral arrangement close to the top of the rake with floral wire.

Preparing the Welcome

Create the welcome sign by cutting a 6” piece of a paint stir stick with a box saw. Cut a 7” length of the craft board. Paint the craft board with craft paint and let it dry completely. Attach the paint stir stick to the back of the craft board using small brads.

Apply Adhesive Letters

Use adhesive letters to spell out "welcome" beginning with the "C" in the center of the board and working out in either direction with the remaining letters. Insert the welcome sign into the floral arrangement and secure with floral wire, if necessary.

Attach the Arrangement

Attach the rake and bouquet to your garden fence using floral wire and a nail.

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