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11 Spring Color Palettes You Can Use Year Round

Discover our top color palettes showcasing spring hues in fresh ways, from muted shades of mint and artichoke to canary yellow and raspberry pink.

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Sage, Pistachio + Mint

Monochromatic color schemes are best for giving rooms a well-layered vibe. To layer spring into a space, consider using sage, pistachio and mint green tones together.

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Canary, White + Kelly Green

Choose colors by sticking with those which appear together in nature. One classic color combination evocative of springtime meadows is canary yellow, Kelly green and white. The yellow tones are commonly found in tulips, and the saturated green can be seen in lush foliage. White is a perfect neutral which helps mediate the intensity of the other two bold colors.

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Pistachio + Ballet Slipper Pink

Pistachio and pale pink are two spring colors which work well in feminine spaces. The key to keeping this combination from feeling juvenile is to choose a pink with just enough white undertones to prevent it from reading as bubblegum. Try light pink and a medium pistachio tone when painting walls with either of these hues.

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Violet + Robin's Egg Blue

Robin's egg blue is one of the most iconic colors associated with spring. Robin's egg blue is commonly paired with chocolate brown or pink when used year round, but it can take on an entirely new personality when partnered with something unexpected, like purple. For the perfect contrast, consider combining Robin's egg blue with deep shades of violet.

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