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6 Creative Ways to Use Rainbow In Any Space

Embracing the color spectrum can be fun and chic. Here's some dazzling ideas from HGTV Magazine.

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Photo: Ruth Crozier. From: HGTV Magazine.

Your Staircase

Guests don’t typically stop and stare at steps leading up to a second floor…unless they look like these. Logan, Utah, blogger Ashley Wilson of At Home With Ashley bought 13 sample pots of latex paint for the job, which included replacing the old squeaky treads. “It’s hard to believe this staircase was once dark wood and deep red — it felt like a cave,” she says. “Now it makes me smile every day.” She even rainbowed a gallery wall to match.

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Photo: Amber Ulmer. From: HGTV Magazine.

Your Glassware

It took six months of flea marketing and thrift store hunting before Nashville, Tennessee, blogger Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess could bring this striking display of glasses to life. “When we were first looking at our house and I saw the big arched shelf in the breakfast nook, I thought it was the perfect spot for a splash of color,” she says. She gave herself a $3 budget for each piece, $5 for extra-special ones. “We’ve actually used the glasses quite a bit for parties,” she says. “Kids love them!”

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Photo: Lovely Indeed. From: HGTV Magazine.

Your Door

After researching various stained-glass ideas, blogger Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed decided to go an easier route and cover the glass panels of a door in her Modesto, California, home with transparent window film (from Solar Graphics Window Tinting). “It’s a fully removable and affordable way to personalize a space,” she says. “The look also brings creativity to the studio where my husband and I work.” The whole thing took a little more than an hour to do. How she got it so smooth: squeegee for the win.

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Photo: Moris Moreno. From: HGTV Magazine.

Your Bookcase

When I had this cabinet made for a family’s playroom, I was going for a fun and timeless look that would grow with their kids,” says designer Alanna Kleiner, who masterminded this Golden Beach, Florida, project. Although this one holds everything the 4-year-old twin brother and sister could want — toys, books art materials — the mod design, open cubbies up top and non-primary colors make it stylish, not childish.

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