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Before: Past Its Prime

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Major Curb Appeal

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Blah Bathroom

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Suite Escape

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Boring Foyer

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Grand Entrance

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Blank Slate

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: A Perfect Match

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Humble Vanity

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Functional Additions

Before: Hidden Beauty

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Window Art

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Pitiful Porch

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Peaceful Retreat

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Mystery Door

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Vintage Decor

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Neglected and In Need

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Patriotic Porch

Photo By: Lauren Noess ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Before: Unfinished Idea

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Dreamy Attic Bedroom

After: Upcycled Heating

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Catch-All Room

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Gorgeous Woodwork

After: Eye for Detail

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Before: Day One

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Outdoor Appeal

Before: Run-Down and Ragged

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Fit for a Queen

Before: Basic and Boring

Photo By: Lauren Noess

After: Visitors Welcome

Photo By: Matthew Allen/AP Images

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Don't gut your historic home, restore it! Nicole's here to help.

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Rehab Addict: Girl's Bedroom with Pink Fireplace

The Newly Renovated Riley Family Home


Photo By: Andrew D Myers

Built-In Appliances in Renovated White Kitchen

Photo By: Matthew Allen/AP Images ©© 2014 HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Warm, Natural Touches in Living Room

Photo By: Matthew Allen/AP Images

Rehab Addict: Restored Powder Room with Wainscoting

Rehab Addict Host Nicole Curtis

Photo By: Lauren Ariel Noess


Photo By: Jason Miller/ AP Images

After: Sage Green Home With New Front Yard & Driveway

About the Host

Nicole Curtis

A self-taught home rehabber and designer with a passion for saving old houses, Nicole is also a mom and a master of salvage picking.
All About Nicole

About the Show

Nicole Curtis is saving historic houses, one broken-down fireplace at a time. Working in Detroit and Minneapolis, Nicole takes ramshackle homes from the wrecking ball to their original stunning glory. Whether it’s managing her rugged crew or wrangling city officials, this single mom wields her hammer with skill and returns condemned properties to their place as the pride of the neighborhood.
Season 5, Episode 1

Powder Room Predicament

Nicole's next project is restoring an historic mansion in the Summit district of St. Paul. Unfortunately some key rooms have been completely ripped apart and her first task is to rebuild the gutted powder room from scratch. With the original materials no longer available Nicole gets creative with custom paneling and salvaged tile and creates a brand new room with a 1904 feel.

Oct 9
9:30pm | 8:30c
Season 2, Episode 2

Bathroom Beautification

Rehab Addict's Nicole Curtis takes on another design project while waiting for the Minnehaha house to sell. This time it's her client Ellen's colorful sea-themed bathroom that needs fixing. To match the 1920s style of the rest of the house, she has to bring it down to the studs ? everything but the door must go.

Oct 30
1:30pm | 12:30c
Season 2, Episode 5

Tile Terrors

Turning her attention to Adam and Rachael's bathroom, Nicole deals with the many problems that creep up while working with tile in an old house. When she hits a snag, Nicole must think on her feet and figure out a way to make her fixtures fit in the small space. As her deadline approaches and working hours get longer, Nicole begins feeling guilty for not spending more time with her son Ethan.

Oct 30
3pm | 2c
Season , Episode

Nov 8
11:30am | 10:30c
Season 5, Episode 2

Distressed Dining Room

Nicole turns her attention to taking the pink and gold kitsch out of the formal dining room. Restoring the floors, swapping out sconces and repairing the stained glass windows take the room out of the 1970s and back to 1904. Meanwhile at another of her houses a buyer pulls out at the 11th hour causing Nicole to make some quick decisions.

Nov 28
3:30am | 2:30c
Season 5, Episode 10

Hardwood Floors to the Rescue

Nicole continues work on the Akron, Ohio, project with Lebron James. It's time to tackle the rest of the first floor, the living room and dining room. Once the nasty old carpet is removed to reveal beautiful old pine floors, Nicole can start to see her vision for a comfortable, functional and very stylish living space. It's all about making this dilapidated space feel grand once again. Even while busy in Akron, Nicole never stops salvaging & designs these spaces around new photos of the family using old windows saved from a dumpster.

Dec 26
3:30am | 2:30c
Season 4, Episode 12

Lower Level Living Room

Nicole works to finish up the lower level apartment by ripping up the stinky old carpet in the living and dining rooms, exposing hardwood floors she knows she can easily repair. After a visit to a local preservation group, Nicole meets up with an expert who helps her repair the original lead glass windows.

Jan 8
3pm | 2c
Season 6, Episode 4

Rebuild Below

A dark basement that could have easily been overlooked as an unsalvageable and unusable space is transformed into a gorgeous family room. Exposed brick and an amazing fireplace are too beautiful for Nicole to ignore, so she sets out to elevate the room from subterranean cellar to functional family room. Nicole sources local salvaged pine for the flooring and restores it to its former shine, while using cost-effective new trim, stained to match. Finally, a vintage art Deco bar is hauled down below to serve as a focal point for the new space. Using as much as she can from the original home and time period, Nicole rebuilds a basement beyond even its original potential.

Feb 6
12:30am | 11:30c
Season 3, Episode 9

A Yellow & Brown Mess

Working in St. Paul for the first time, Nicole finds another house in an up and coming neighborhood that needs her attention. Fighting the onset of colder weather, she must first tackle an exterior makeover, figuring out how to clean up the front yard and replace the icky yellow and brown paint job. Inside, she begins the difficult task of cleaning out all the left over junk so the plumbers and electrician can get started.

Feb 18
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 6, Episode 8

Solarium Refresh

Once a boarded-up eyesore, Nicole's first-floor solarium has the potential to be the best room in the house. With the help of her dad and a yard-sale crockpot, Nicole starts with an often overlooked detail: window hardware. Boiling the hardware removes years of paint and leaves them shiny and new, a great first step in making the solarium a bright and welcoming entryway to her Grand Blvd. estate. Some antique mirrors and light fixtures go a long way to make the room feel cozy and fresh, while maintaining the antique-feel of the 100-year old home. Nicole takes a much needed break with her son to celebrate a Thanksgiving parade in her home city, Detroit.

Mar 14
12:30pm | 11:30c
Season 5, Episode 3

In at the Deep End

Nicole cleans up the swimming pool and converts some garage space into a much needed changing room area. Tapping into the sewer line causes more mess than she bargained for while Nicole also finds some time to take some swimming lessons.

Apr 3
12am | 11c
Season 6, Episode 11

Rehab Attic

Nicole's 1913 mansion in the heart of Detroit is topped with an old, dusty attic that was once servant's quarters. Though some homeowners might have just seen room for storage, Nicole sees the opposite: a master suite! A sitting room, dressing room and gorgeous master bedroom take form, thanks to a little salvaging and a lot of hard work. Nicole never wastes original fixtures, even if it's an ancient broken mirror or a period chandelier from a local commercial building. From gross to gorgeous, Nicole makes her master suite a million dollar space on a "Detroit budget."

May 1
12:30am | 11:30c
Season 5, Episode 7

Up and Away

Nicole puts a modern twist on the 1904 Summit Mansion in St. Paul when she installs an elevator in the middle of the home. A first for Nicole, she has to get the measurements exactly right throughout all three floors, or else she's just created a massive non-functioning hole in the middle of the historic home.

Jun 25
8am | 7c

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