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After the cameras left, did they love it or list it? See the surprising results. 

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Jillian vs. Todd: Who Wins?

Contemporary, Neutral Home Office Nook

The space that was once a small bedroom made a perfect home office nook. Some much-needed storage cabinets and a stairway to the home's lower level were also built into the area, as seen on HGTV's Love It or List It, Too.

Bright Open Concept Family Room

As seen on Love It Or List It, Too designer Jillian Harris removed the wall separating the family room from the kitchen and dining room to create an open concept living space. She refaced the fireplace and lightened the room by using a light, neutral paint throughout. The outdated, overstuffed leather sofas were traded for a soft, grey sofa.

Photo By: David Owen Strongman / Getty Images

Mudroom Adds Storage and Function

The new mudroom, designed by Jillian Harris of HGTV's Love It or List It Too, keeps the clutter out of the rest of the house and gives the family a place to leave their wet and dirty things.

Functional Laundry Room

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, this laundry room is now a functional space. With front loading washer and dryer and an extended countertop for folding, this space is practical and very useful.

Rustic End Table in Bedroom

This green, distressed end table adds a rustic look to the bedroom. The flowers help to tie together Jillian's design, as seen on HGTV's hit show Love It or List It Too.

Breakfast Bar Separates Kitchen and Dining Room

As seen on Love It or List It Too, the wall between the family room and dining room was removed to create an open floor plan. A breakfast bar divides the kitchen from the dining room.

Glass Front Cabinets Create Open Feeling

As seen on Love It or List It, Too, designer Jillian Harris designed an open and modern kitchen for homeowners Emily and Gary, with new cabinetry and applicances. The white cabinets and clear glass doors keep the space feeling open and light.

Photo By: David Owen Strongman/Getty Images

Dog Friendly Updated Kitchen

The removal of the wall that separates the kitchen and the living room creates a more open space for dinners and entertaining. The new white kitchen has new non-slip tiles (for the aging dogs), new cabinets, appliances, and lighting, as well as in-floor heating (for the dogs). The kitchen is also surrounded by built in pocket dog doors which allows the homeowners to contain the dogs in a comfortable environment while they are away. As seen on HGTV's hit show Love It or List It Too.

Custom Sofa and Pillows in Living Room

As seen on HGTV's Love It Or List It Too, Designer Jillian Harris modernized this west coast home by removing a pillar that sat in the middle of the entrance. She painted the walls with Behr Cotton Knit and installed engineered hickory hardwood flooring with Tremblant stain. Jillian added much needed life to the fireplace enclosure with a tile called Contessa Picket. Tying the room together are custom cushions and a custom sofa fabric called Bengal Bronze.

French Bistro Inspired Kitchen

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, Jillian Harris has taken this small, outdated kitchen and has turned it into a bright, inviting space. This French bistro inspired kitchen has beautiful glass front cabinets to display the family's dishes, and new appliances for cooking and preparation. The silver backsplash gives the space a hint of glamour, while the accent wall with silver serving trays nods to the vintage style the family desires. The breakfast bar gives the family a place to sit and enjoy their meals.

About the Hosts

Jillian Harris

After charming audiences on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Jillian brings her city-meets-country design style to HGTV.
All About Jillian

Todd Talbot

In HGTV’s Love It or List It, Too , co-host Todd Talbot is known for his real estate savvy, keen sense of style and quick wit.
All About Todd

About the Show

When a home no longer suits a family's needs, the homeowners are left with a big dilemma: renovate or sell it? Love It or List It, Too helps undecided homeowners choose. In each hour-long episode, Realtor Todd Talbot and designer Jillian Harris go head-to-head for the homeowners' final choice to stay or go. Todd's expert knowledge of the real estate market helps target affordable listings to prospective buyers, but Jillian is committed to showing homeowners that, within their budget, she can turn their unwanted house into a renovated home they can love. If the owners make the choice to list it, Jillian's hard work adds to the home's resale value. It's a hard call either way. Which choice would you make?
Season 2, Episode 11

Second Chance at Love

Five years ago when Gary moved into Michele's house, it seemed like a small compromise for a second chance at love. But now that the last of Michele's kids have left the nest, her devoted husband wants out of her old house. While Gary's worried about cutting himself shaving in the bathroom, they are both concerned about falling in the shower. And now that the downstairs is no longer a basement suite for Michele's son, the kitchen has turned into a makeshift potting shed and Gary's den is anything but a cozy getaway. Enter home experts Jillian and Todd. Designer Jillian and her team hope to turn this old family home in an ideal setting into a retirees' retreat. But Realtor Todd will try to prove another house could make them happy for the long haul. Tired of making do in their awkward house, Gary and Michele are wondering whether they will love their home again, or will they list it?

Oct 17
2pm | 1c
Season 2, Episode 9

Sink or Swim

When Jane and Steve first stumbled across this character house, they couldn't imagine living anywhere else. But their little boys have grown up into huge boys and the house hasn't grown with them. Steve thinks they just need a renovation, but Jane wants to find a new, larger home. Between having no kitchen storage, an office in their dining room, and a constantly chilly living room, this family needs expert help. Designer Jillian and her team hope to renovate their house to give the family more space to grow, while Realtor Todd will show them different houses that could be their new forever home. Done locking horns over their ill fitting family home, Steve and Jane are wondering whether they will love their home again, or will they list it?

Nov 17
2pm | 1c
Season 2, Episode 3

The Million Dollar View

Rod and Daniel took the plunge into home ownership fifteen years ago when a little charmer with a big view won them over. But jump forward fifteen years and not a single renovation has been done. From a tiny kitchen with absolutely no counter space, to a small closed-in dining room, to a wasted loft space with an incredible view, Daniel is completely fed up with the lack of function in their home. On the other hand, Rod just can't seem to give up on their home with a million dollar view. Arriving just in time are competitors Jillian and Todd. Jillian and her design team will attempt to ease frustrations with a new, open concept design. While Todd believes he can find this couple everything they need in a new home. At odds over what to do with an old character home in dire need of renovation, Rod and Daniel will have to decide... can they love their home again or will they list it?

Dec 30
11am | 10c
Season 2, Episode 13

Empty Nesters

While Mike and Karen settled on a single level rancher, they were sold on living next to the mountains. And the outdoors are still awesome, but the house itself is another story. Before signing off on the sale Karen struck a deal with her handy husband that the house would be torn down or completely renovated. But talk is cheap because seven years later, not much has changed. Now that their daughter has moved away, Karen's patience is running out and she's ready to ditch their dysfunctional home for one with a functional entertaining space, but Mike is content and could live in their house another 20 years. Here to end this stalemate are competitors designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team hope to reinvent this cramped house with a 21st century Reno. While Todd will try to find a new house for empty nesters who like to entertain. Faced with a difficult decision, will Karen and Mike love their home again or will they list it?

Jan 28
10am | 9c
Season 2, Episode 7

The Upside to Downsizing

Betty-Lou and Eric love their upscale home of 23 years, but as they look to a more relaxed future, Eric sees a need to downsize. Although these two passionate gardeners transformed their backyard carport into a relaxing oasis, and they love the central location of their home, they can't agree on what to do next... they can, however, at least agree that their home needs a renovation. Betty-Lou stands by her house and thinks that some renovations will do the trick, but Eric thinks they are at the point in their lives where they should sell and move to some place smaller. Enter competitors Jillian and Todd. Designer Jillian and her team will try to bring this dated abode into the new millennium with a fully functional redesign while real estate agent Todd believes a smaller, turnkey home is the winning solution. Fed up with arguing about the upside to downsizing, Betty-Lou and Eric have to decide... can they love their home again or will they list it?

Mar 19
10am | 9c
Season 3, Episode 2

Starter Home Sadness

When Holly and Chester bought his parent's house 8 years ago, they agreed it was a starter home. But now that they've settled into life with new baby Avery, Holly is having second thoughts about leaving their affordable little house behind. Chester on the other hand thinks all their issues are fixable by finding a new home. To stop this standoff enter competitors Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team hope to transform the 70's starter home into something more modern for Chester, while Todd tries to convince Holly it's the right time to buy a new house. Tired of living with the problems of their dysfunctional house, Holly and Chester are wondering whether they can love their home again or will they list it?

Mar 23
6pm | 5c
Season 4, Episode 13

Broken Up Bungalow

After accepting a job transfer on the other side of the country, Stephen and Stephanie made a rushed home purchased. Now, Stephanie is tired of their closed off, dysfunctional home, but Stephen sees potential in their mountainside bungalow. Designer Jillian and her team will try and reconfigure their odd layout with an open concept redesign, while Realtor Todd believes he can solve all of their problems with a larger, more functional home close to the mountains. Tired of the debate, Stephanie and Stephen must decide. Will they love their home again, or will they list it?

Mar 27
9pm | 8c
Season 4, Episode 1

Main Floor Malfunction

Kelly and Steve live in this four bedroom home with two growing daughters, and the disjointed main floor does not work for their busy family. To help solve the dysfunction, Designer Jillian and her team hope to win the day with a fairy tale renovation, while Realtor Todd plans to sell them an enchanting new home. Tired of butting heads over their ill-fitting family home, Kelly and Steve are wondering will they love their home again, or will they list it?

Jun 15
3pm | 2c
Season 5, Episode 5

Size Matters

This mountainside home was perfect for a family of four, but now that they're a family of five, Julie and Bernard simply need more space. Julie hopes a better layout will do the trick, but Bernard believes only more square footage will do. Designer Jillian has an uphill battle to convince Bernard that size isn't everything. While Realtor Todd takes them on a journey of twists and turns to find the perfect house. Will Bernard and Julie love their home again or will they list it?

Aug 7
9pm | 8c
Season 3, Episode 1

Mountainside Charmer

When Joyce and Steven bought their mountainside charmer twelve years ago, they knew it needed some work, but loved all the space. But once reality set in, the couple realized it was more than they could handle. Steven thinks it's time to move on to greener pastures, but Joyce believes the house could be fixed up with some help. Enter Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team will try to make better use of all the space inside with a brand new redesign, while Todd believes he can solve all their problems with a smaller more functional home. With opposing views of what to do with the poorly designed space, Joyce and Steven have to decide- will they love their home again or will they list it?

Sep 4
7pm | 6c
Season 5, Episode 11

Cul-de-sac Calamity

For Stephanie and Darrell, it was all about the location when they bought a home to raise their three young kids. But soon they discovered location isn't everything and the house isn't working for them like they'd hoped it would. Stephanie strongly believes a change will do them good and is ready to find a new home, but Darrell think that all they need are a few renovations. Certain they can help the couple are real estate agent Todd and designer Jillian. Todd has to find a street of dreams to budge Darrell from a location he loves, while Jillian has to get past a dysfunctional layout for Stephanie to see any future in her home. Can Stephanie and Darrell put their differences aside and learn to love their house again? Or is it time to get a move on and find a place with more than location on its side? Will they love it or list it?

Mar 11
7pm | 6c
Season 6, Episode 1

Double Trouble

With her family of six living under one roof, Jessica is frustrated with their lack of space. But her husband, Derek, doesn't see what all the fuss is about. Realtor Todd thinks they should throw in the towel and find a home that fits their family. But designer Jillian thinks she can add storage and space with a breath-taking reno. In the end they'll have to choose. Will they love it or list it?

May 20
3pm | 2c
Season 5, Episode 12

Baby Boom

To Talia and Travis, finding a home to raise a family was daunting. And although it wasn't anywhere near perfect, they thought the historical home they found would be a labor of love to fix up. Years later, the house still isn't what they want. Travis thinks there's still hope, but Talia's craving a fresh start since soon they'll have their hands full with a baby and won't have time for renovations. Ready to dive into this challenge are real estate agent Todd and designer Jillian. Todd needs to find a house with lots of space and plenty of character, while Jillian has to bring new life into a home past its prime. Travis thinks he's found his happily ever after home but Talia is pushing for a practical new place before baby makes four. Will they love it or list it?

Jul 14
10am | 9c
Season 7, Episode 3

Way Out West

Buying in one of the city's up-and-coming neighborhoods 14 years ago was the first step into the house market for Eva and Chris, but now Eva is overwhelmed with the list of issues in the house including the irritating commute. Designer Jillian will work to make Chris and Eva's home more spacious and functional, while real estate agent Todd will show them newer homes closer to the city. In the end Chris and Eva will have to choose, will they love it or list it?

May 5
8am | 7c
Season 7, Episode 7

Accessible Ranch Home

Aaron is content living in his family's ranch-style home, but Brandy wants something that is more wheelchair accessible and more spacious for their growing family. To get them to stay, Jillian expands the kitchen to give Brandy more room to move about and a large island that can double as a table for the family's dinner parties. She also creates a ramp in the front of the house so Brandy can easily enter through the front door. To convince the couple to move on, Todd shows them a ranch-style home that has a wheelchair accessible kitchen and bathrooms, as well as a large backyard complete with a waterfall and pool. 

May 5
9am | 8c
Season 7, Episode 11

Mid-Century Cabin Escape

Robert fell in love at first sight with his family's mid-century cabin in the woods, but now that the family has grown, wife Jennifer is starting to feel claustrophobic and frustrated with the lack of space. Todd shows the couple a spacious modern home that has plenty of rooms for the kids and guests and has a luxurious master suite complete with a large bathroom and walk in closet. To convince them to stay, Jillian completely upgrades the master suite, converts the old hot tub room into an office/mudroom/laundry room combo,creates a main floor bathroom and adds a guest bedroom. After seeing the renovations, will Robert and Jennifer love it or will they list it?

May 5
10am | 9c
Season 6, Episode 12

Too Cozy for Comfort

When Rachelle and Tim wanted a house, they disagreed on whether this was the right one for their family. Eight years later Rachelle loves their cozy house, but Tim's tired of it's confined quarters. Designer Jillian must put the brakes on Tim's desire to leave with her spacious design. While Realtor Todd hopes the perfect house will convince Rachelle it's time to hit the road. Can they learn to love their home again or will they list it?

May 18
8am | 7c
Season 6, Episode 3

Face the Music

Young music lovers, Alia and David, found harmony together when help from family meant they could purchase their first home, a suburban fixer upper outside the city. They've managed to renovate half the home themselves, but the house is far from finished, and Alia can't take it anymore. Designer Jillian has the daunting task of renovating three bathrooms. While Realtor Todd has the steep challenge of finding a move-in ready home with a great yard. Stressed out by their half-renovated home and in desperate need of help to complete the rest, Alia and David must decide. Can they love their home again, or will they list it?

May 18
9am | 8c
Season , Episode

May 18
10am | 9c
Season 7, Episode 6

Time Warp Nightmare

Ten years after buying their 1960s time-warped house, Jeanine is burdened by the growing list of repairs and wants to move out immediately, but husband Norman doesn't want to let go of the home that holds so many of their memories. By updating the kitchen, living room, dining room and giving the outdoor wrap-around balcony a fresh makeover, Jillian hopes to inspire the couple to stay put in their midcentury home. To convince Jeanine and Norman to move, Todd shows the couple a home with plenty of bedrooms to accommodate the family of six, a spacious kitchen facing the backyard and a master suite that is the perfect getaway after a long day.

May 18
11am | 10c

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