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Heirloom Hotel: Explore the New-Classic Style of the Beekman 13 Photos

Lower Manhattan's Beekman Hotel is a stunning example of incorporating vintage elements to bring a sense of place and history to this luxury hotel housed in an historic 1881 building.

The Future of Solar-Powered Architecture Jul 22, 2017

By: Kassondra Cloos

See how students from around the globe are making huge strides toward energy efficiency in this year's U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

Changing the World of Construction with Solar-Powered Homes 8 Photos

Find out how students from around the globe are making huge strides toward energy-efficiency as they gear up for this year's U.S. Departmet of Energy Solar Decathlon in this article on HGTV.com.

Play Time: Kids' Bedrooms and Playrooms With Punch 19 Photos

HGTV features playrooms and kids' bedrooms with a mod, hip, colorful style that makes this kid spaces look cutting edge.

20 Stare-Worthy Staircases We're Obsessing Over 20 Photos

The design experts at HGTV.com share 20 spectacular, stare-worthy staircases, including spiral, traditional, rustic and more!

Stylish Ways to Store Bikes When You're Short on Space 7 Photos

HGTV.com found genius ideas for storing bikes in your home, no matter how small.

Live the Trend: Color Form 15 Photos

Georgia homeowner and artist Angela Blehm blends confectionary pastels and bold brights in her high design home.

Live the Trend: Gallerie 14 Photos

Tour the stunning midcentury collection and bold colors in this inspiring Atlanta home as seen on HGTV.

Art + Fashion Inspire 20 Photos

HGTV shows how food, fashion and the visual arts influence design.

Art Works! Stay on Trend by Mixing Art Into Your Space 27 Photos

Get tips on trending ways to use art in your design scheme from HGTV.

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