Printable (and Free!) Halloween Templates

From printable party invites to cute cupcake, gift bag and party favor embellishments plus pumpkin-carving templates and props for a photo booth, we'll help you get your spook on this Halloween.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Easy Kids' Costumes: Frog

Download Belly Template
Download Spots and Eyes

Easy Kids' Costumes: Baby Bull

Download Baby Bull Hat Pattern

Easy Kids' Costumes: Bat Wings

Download Legal Size Wing
Download Letter Size Wing
Download Letter Size Wing Segments

Easy Kids' Costumes: Bat Ears

Download Bat Costume Ears

Easy Kids' Costumes: Baby Kangaroo

Download Baby Kangaroo Hat Pattern

Easy Costumes: Mama Kangaroo

Download Mama Kangaroo Hat Pattern

Easy Kids' Costumes: Knight's Shield

Download Knight's Shield Template

Easy Kids' Costumes: Cat Ears & Mini Witch's Hat

Download Halloween Headband Templates

Easy Pet Costume: Court Jester

Download Jester Collar Template
Download Jester Hat Horns Template
Download Jester Hat Pieces

Exclusive Pumpkin-Carving Templates

22 Beginner Patterns

Exclusive Pumpkin-Carving Templates

17 Advanced Patterns

Fun Food: Candy Corn Brownies

Download Concentric Rings Template
Plus: Get the Recipe

Fun Food: Rice Cereal Monsters

Download Beware of Monsters Sign
Plus: Get the Recipe

DIY Decor: Happy Halloween Banner

Download Printable Banner

DIY Decor: Candy Sign

Download Headless Horseman Candy Sign

DIY Decor: Flying Bats

Download Halloween Bats for Wall

DIY Decor: Rat Cut-Out

Download Rat Template

DIY Decor: Pallet Jack-O'-Lantern

Download Jack-O'-Lantern Eyes Download Jack-O'-Lantern Smile

DIY Decor: Raven Cut-Out

Download Raven Template

DIY Decor: Scaredy Cat Cut-Out

Download Black Cat Template

DIY Decor: Friendly Bats

Download Hanging Bat Template

DIY Decor: Beware Banner

Download Beware Banner

Party Game: Snake Eyes

Download Eyeball Template

Party Game: Candy Corn Pinata

Download and Print All 4: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Party Game: Marshmallow Toss

Download Points for Marshmallow Toss Game

Party Game: Pin the Spider on the Web

Download Spider Template

Photo Booth Favors: Curved Princess Crown

Download Curvy Princess Crown Template

Photo Booth Favors: Pointy Princess Crown

Download Pointy Princess Crown Template

Photo Booth Favors: Jack-O'-Lantern Grins

Download Jack-O'-Lantern Grins

Photo Booth Favors: Photo Frame

Download 4x6 Photo Frame Template

Easy Party Favor: Sweet Treats Label

Download To-Go Labels

Easy Party Favor: Candy Bar Wrappers

Download Black Stripe Candy Bar Wrapper
Download Orange Stripe Candy Bar Wrapper

Easy Party Favor: Tote Bags

Download Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag Templates

Easy Party Favor: Happy Halloween Flags

Download Happy Halloween Flags Template

Easy Party Favor: Bottle Wrapper

Download Bottle Wrapper Template

Easy Party Favor: Treat Bags

Download 4 Treat Bag Templates

Easy Party Favor: Striped Flags

Download Candy Broom Tags Template

Easy Party Favor: Treat Flags

Download Treat Flags

Easy Party Favor: Treat Cone

Download Striped Treat Cone Template

Easy Party Favor: Thank You Tags

Download Thank You Labels

Party Printables: Small Eek! Boo!

Download Striped Labels

Party Printables: Black-and-White Invite

Download Black-and-White Invite

Party Printables: Large Bats

Download Bat Labels

Party Printables: Witch & Bat Food Labels

Download Blank Food Labels

Party Printables: Graphic Invite

Download Blank Invite

Party Printables: Trick-or-Treat Station Labels

Download Snack Labels

Party Printables: Haunted House Invite

Download Haunted House Invite

Party Printables: Large Boo! Eek!

Download Boo! Eek! Labels

Party Printables: Cupcake Party Invite

Download Halloween Cupcake Party Invite

Party Printables: Spider and Bats

Download Striped Labels

Party Printables: Fancy Cupcakes

Download Cupcake Labels

Party Printables: Multicolor Tags

Download Multi-Color Labels

Party Printables: Large Circles

Download Party Circles

Party Printables: Monster Mash Invite

Download Monster Mash Invite

Party Printables: Striped Paper

Download Black-and-White Striped Paper

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