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34 Top-Notch Tool Sheds

34 Photos

Functional storage can be beautiful too with these stylish outdoor structures that feature everything from mod to cottage looks.

Make a Terra-Cotta Pot School Supplies Organizer

14 Photos

Create a beautiful back-to-school organizer with terra-cotta pots and hand-painted flowers.

How to Clean Your Grill

14 Photos

Breathe life into your old grill with just a handful of materials and a few hours.

14 Beautiful Vessels for Natural Objects

14 Photos

Flowers and other natural elements will shine in these apothecary jars, bowls and vases.

10 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Tiny Laundry Room

Apr 14, 2016 by Erica Reitman

Stuck with a super tiny laundry room? Make the most of it with these super clever storage ideas.

8 Space-Saving Organization Ideas for When You Don't Have a Walk-in Closet

Apr 14, 2016 by Erica Reitman

You don't need a walk-in to have a closet that works for you.

6 Chic Firewood Storage Containers

6 Photos

There’s nothing better than roasting chestnuts on an open fire for Christmas. So make sure you’ve got enough firewood for the big day! Take a look at a few chic ways to store it all.

10 Things to Get Rid of Now

Apr 14, 2016 by Farima Alavi

You'll be surprised at how much you won't miss these items.

Is Your Deck Ready for Spring Weather?

Apr 1, 2016 by Jeff Stafford

HGTV offers tips on prepping your deck for spring.

How Spring Cleaning and Organizing Can Change Your Life

Apr 6, 2016 by Kelly Smith Trimble

Purging what you don't need and appreciating what you have left can lead to a better life, or so the trend says. Are you ready to try?