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Use these clever storage ideas for some space-saving design tips that work.

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Build Your Own Multifunctional Storage Cubby Nov 30, 2016

Ample storage is a must for every home. This rolling cubby was designed to be a multifunctional storage piece for parents, pet owners, crafters or homeowners at every stage of life. The open cubbies make it easy to stash away or grab backpacks, shoes, pet supplies, kids' toys or any other necessities you need to keep at hand in the mudroom, living room, playroom, closet or garage. 

5 Tips That Will Save Your Favorite Sweaters Nov 28, 2016

Keep your cozy sweaters looking fresh for years to come with these tricks to unshrink, de-fuzz and more.

10 Ways to Organize Your Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags 10 Photos

Get ideas for organizing your wrapping supplies. HGTV shares tips and tricks for maximizing storage space and keeping the order among gift bags and rolls of paper.

7 Containers Your Leftovers Will Love 7 Photos

HGTV Magazine found smart food storage for all your holiday fixin’s.

Upcycle Vintage Spigot Handles Into a Trendy Towel Rack Nov 23, 2016

Old spigot handles are repurposed to make this charming towel rack that brings function and personality to any bathroom. 

Easily Boost Bathroom Storage With Wall-Mounted Baskets Nov 3, 2016

Storage is always an issue in small bathrooms. This quick and easy storage solution puts wire or wicker baskets to work to solve that problem in no time flat.

10 Ways to Manage the Hair in Your House Nov 3, 2016

By: Jessica Galliart

When vacuums and brooms aren't enough, try these tips for cleaning up all that hair around your home.

Chic, Customizable Dorm Storage Solutions Oct 27, 2016

Dress up a dorm room with these easy to make storage solutions. Changeable patterned liners make it simple to customize.

How to Organize Bills and Other Important Stuff 10 Photos

Learn how to keep track of bills and receipts and keep important documents safe on HGTV.com.