Exotic Outdoor Rooms by Jamie Durie

Landscape designer Jamie Durie brought international style and ambiance to these outdoor spaces.
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©Image courtesy jamiedurie.com

The space between a home and a converted garage becomes a vibrant Spanish-style tropical courtyard. Using design ideas he brought back from a trip to Puerto Rico, Jamie infused the space with plenty of color. The geometric pattern of the patio surface is repeated in the display of wall planters. Decorative spindles, much like the ones Jamie noticed on many Puerto Rican windows, provide a vertical element. An adjustable pergola offers shade.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

Bali was the inspiration for this makeover: Jamie turned the entire courtyard into a water feature. Stepping stones cross the tranquil pool; an infinity edge supplies the relaxing sounds of water in motion.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

Inspired by French design, Jamie transformed a cluttered backyard into this romantically styled outdoor room. Beyond the beautiful stained-glass windows is an elegant dining room. Hand-carved trelliswork completes the lattice pavilion; the patio flooring is marble tile.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

An empty concrete-slab patio is now a festive Mexico-inspired gathering spot. Black pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico, is displayed in the cobalt-blue wall insets. Beyond the dining area, a pergola serves as a place to exercise or relax.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

This is the beginning of the water feature that runs the length of an Egypt-inspired outdoor space, replicating the water channels in Cairo. Earth-toned hardscaping and fabric echo the neutral palette of the desert. Egyptian papyrus and palm trees provide shade.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

The Egyptian-style water feature (see previous image) continues across the backyard and ends at a small sitting area near the house.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

Part of a South-Africa-inspired backyard makeover includes this private bath, surrounded by a fence of poles and adorned with lanterns and masks.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

The homeowners wanted a classic, lush and romantic space where they can gather over home-cooked meals, so Jamie traveled to Italy to find inspiration. In Umbria he discovered a 250-year-old wood-fired pizza oven surrounded by natural stone, which inspired a modern wood-burning replica in this backyard. European vines and spillover plants, common in the older sections of Rome, lend a sense of age and tradition to this romantic outdoor dining room.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

A visit to the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur gave Jamie ideas for how he'd bring Indian design to this backyard. The fiberglass pool is a self-contained unit but appears as if it's tied to the deck. Elsewhere in the landscape, Mughal arches provide another distinctively Indian feature.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

Jamie created a tearoom for homeowners who love everything Japanese and want a relaxing space. Visiting a fourth-generation tatami mat maker in Tyoto gave him ideas for how to use tatami mats into the design — hanging one, adorned with Japanese maple leaves, above the sunken dining room. A simple shoji screen made of inlaid shells separates the yard into two outdoor rooms.

— image courtesy of jamiedurie.com

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