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What's it like to live in paradise? See how the other half lives. 

Live the Hawaii Life

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You don't have to be rich to live in Hawaii — you just have to want it, say the brokers at the Hawaii Life realty firm who make island-living dreams come true for clients ready to make it a reality. In Hawaii, properties range from $50K plots of land to $50 million-dollar dream homes, from Oahu to Kauai to the Big Island to Maui. The firm's 130+ brokers are unlikely real estate moguls, people who themselves have made the leap to the life in Hawaii, as they call it, and who want to see that others can enjoy it too. This half-hour real estate series will follow the firm's endless stream of clients who are abandoning their 9 to 5 lives in Anywhere, U.S.A., to take hold of a Hawaii Life.


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Season 3, Episode 9

Empty nesters search for a house in Oahu to start a new chapter of their lives.

Now that Jerry and Gail Rustin's six children are grown and scattered around the country, these empty nesters are ready to put the focus back on themselves and start a new chapter of their lives in Hawaii, a place that feeds their imaginations as they try to pursue their interests of writing and music. They are working with Hawaii Life agent Sandra Sagisi Moser as they search for a house with space for writing, a man cave, and close proximity to Honolulu and its bustling nightlife.

Oct 12

6pm | 5c

Season 4, Episode 6

Soon-to-be-Wed couple looks for a place to call home in South Maui

Recently engaged Wayne Westcott and Sue Nuckols have lived most of their lives in the South and are proud of their Southern roots, but when they came to Maui for the first time, they knew it was where they wanted to start their new life together. With the help of broker JB Guard, they're searching for a house they can make their own and where they can have their grown children come to stay in their own piece of paradise.

Nov 16

8:30pm | 7:30c

Season 4, Episode 10

A Georgian family looks to reconnect with their roots on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Matthew and Malia met in the military and immediately bonded over their mutual Hawaiian ancestry. Now, after years of married life in Georgia, the Givens have decided to relocate their family to Hawaii to reconnect with their heritage and pass it along to their three children. After connecting with Big Island agent Julie Edens, Matthew and Malia search for a home that fits the needs of their growing family as well as Matthew's desire to live near a golf course.

Nov 24

3:30am | 2:30c

Season 3, Episode 12

Young Couple Trades in Madison, WI for Killer Views in Kauai

Kristopher and Shannon Breyer packed up and moved to Hawaii with their baby girl, Eloise, not knowing what to expect. They've been renting on Kauai but are now ready to make the leap to home owners. With the help of Ron Margolis, a Hawaii Life broker, The Breyers are looking for a small family home that allows them access to all the outdoor activities they enjoy, like bike riding, hiking and the beach- a perfect place for their 2-year old daughter to play in the sun soaked sand.

Nov 28

3pm | 2c

Season 5, Episode 8

A young North Dakota surgeon and her husband search for a home near her new job on Oahu.

Irminne and Russell Van Dyken have been stuck in snowy North Dakota while Irminne finished her surgical residency. Now that she has found a job at a new hospital on Oahu, they are thrilled to finally leave the cold winters behind. Hawaii Life Broker Cathy Possedi helps the Van Dykens find a unique home with beautiful views.

Dec 8

3:30am | 2:30c

Season 5, Episode 6

A young couple explores options on Kauai.

Richard and Tessa McSwain love the outdoors but hate the long, dark winters in Boulder, Colorado. After visiting Richard's mother in Kauai several years ago, the couple fell in love with the island and waited for the right opportunity to make their move. Recently, Richard was offered work as a general contractor, and Tessa convinced her bosses to let her work remotely from the island. With jobs secured, the McSwains are ready to trade skiing for surfing, and have enlisted the help of Hawaii Life Broker Glenn Forman to find the perfect house or condo for their new life. Tessa is looking for extra space for her home office, as well as an updated kitchen, while Richard wants the perfect outdoor entertaining space to enjoy the gorgeous Kauai weather. And their new home must be close to all the new activities the couple is eager to pick up in paradise.

Dec 21

8:30pm | 7:30c

Season 4, Episode 1

Young family looks to make roots in Waikiki

Sick of indoor-life in the land-locked state of Kansas, Zach and Amy Riehemann were motivated to change their life and relocate to sunny Oahu with their two young sons, Jax and Brody. Seeking a condo that will work as their children grow up, they work with Hawaii Life broker Cathy Possedi to find them a spacious unit with family-friendly amenities, while still being close to one of the most desired spots on Oahu; Waikiki Beach.

Dec 25

6:30am | 5:30c

Season 5, Episode 12

Finding a First Home Together on Oahu

As an Army engineer, Robin Glebes has been traveling around the South Pacific, while his wife Tirzah has been finishing her PhD in Colorado. Now that Robin has received orders to live in Hawaii and Tirzah has graduated, the two are ready to connect with Hawaii Life Broker Erik Hinshaw, who will help the Glebes find a Hawaii-style home with indoor space for guests and outdoor space for their little dog, Moki.

Dec 29

3am | 2c

Season 2, Episode 5

A Baltimore couple moves to Hawaii to start exciting new careers on the Big Island.

Chris and Nina Lambert are moving from Baltimore with their two dogs to begin a new life on the Big Island. Nina was offered a position as a director of Marine Life, while Chris is taking the opportunity to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a pilot. Their biggest requirements are ample yard space for their four-legged family members and a two-car garage to protect their four-wheeled possessions. With a budget of just $375,000, finding both of those items will be a challenge for Hawaii Life agent Kristi Cotton.

Jun 23

2pm | 1c

Season 5, Episode 5

A single mom with an empty nest seeks a new life in Hilo.

Shirley Edwards is a single mom with three grown sons who have all moved out of her Boston home. Faced with an empty nest, Shirley decided she needed to leave the snowy Boston winters, especially since her muscle is no longer around to help her shovel snow. After seeing an open position for a Director of Operations for a Home Health agency in Hilo, Shirley immediately applied and secured the job. Now, with the help of Hawaii Life Agent Bruce Kekeuwa, Shirley needs to find a new home on the Big Island. As excited as she is for her new life, Shirley is sad to leave her group of friends, the Divas, behind so it's essential that her new nest have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to host her frequent visitors, as well as a magnificent view to show off.

Aug 18

4pm | 3c

Season 7, Episode 3

Perfect Timing for Wisconsin Couple to Move to Oahu

Michelle and Michael have been living in Milwaukee, Wisc. for most of their lives but always found themselves escaping to Hawaii. The Wisconsin winters caused the couple to constantly hibernate, and they knew a move to warmer weather was in their future. While on vacation in Honolulu, they decided it was time to stop dreaming and make the move a reality. With the help of their Hawaii Life broker, David Buck, they hope to find a multiple-bedroom house or condo near the beach with city conveniences.

Nov 15

9:30pm | 8:30c

Season 7, Episode 4

Military Couple Entering Civilian Life Makes Oahu Home

Casey and Megan were thrilled to be stationed on Oahu three years ago. But it was not all fun in the sun. Shortly after their arrival, Casey was diagnosed with cancer and he spent many months in the hospital while going through treatment. Now that his cancer is in remission and his contract with the military is up, the couple has decided that they want to live life to the fullest in Hawaii. They're hoping to find a three-bedroom home with space to entertain, near the friends they already have on the island. Hawaii Life agent Joe Sillaman is there to help Casey and Megan navigate the real estate market on Oahu.

Nov 23

3am | 2c

Season 6, Episode 5

Single Mother Moves to Kauai

Janine Holstein is a single mother from Santa Monica, California, where she has been raising her son, Jotal. After working a demanding job, Janine traveled to Hawaii where she realized she needed to slow down her life. Even though it took a few years, Janine is finally ready to buy a one way plane ticket for her and her son to live their Hawaii life on Kauai. With the help of Hawaii Life broker, Carol Andrews, Janine will hopefully find the perfect home for her and her boy.

Dec 25

9am | 8c

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