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Blue Bedroom With Elegant Tufted Headboard

Luxurious Neoclassic Master Bathroom

Front Yard Pool With Pool

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Contemporary Beige Dining Room With Coastal Accessories

Modern Glam Bedroom With White Tufted Bed

Brown Transitional Bathroom With Open Shower

Neutral Living Room With Black Desk and Stool

Bathtub with Wood Surround and Alcove

Urban Sitting Area With Luxurious Navy Curtains

Living Room With Luxurious Emerald Green Furnishings

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From Beverly Hills to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles is a place where the rich and famous live large, and everyone has a dream. For the region's real estate brokers, landing a client and closing a deal can be as competitive as any casting call. Follow three real estate firms as they build up their rosters of millionaire clients, tour spectacular properties and network their way through the competitive world of high-end real estate. This is Selling LA!

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