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Traditional Master Bathroom With Luxury Vanity

Elegant Kitchen Bar

Luxurious Brown Master Bedroom With Textured Accent Wall

Tranquil, Traditional Master Bathroom With Freestanding Pedestal Tub


Details A Design Firm

Transitional Formal Living Room With Classic Artwork and Accessories

Slick Red Bar


Teresa Ryback

Beverly Hills Luxury Closet

Photo By: Marc Angeles - Unlimited Style Photography, courtesy of The Agency View original photo.

Swiss Estate in Bern, Switzerland as seen on House Hunters International

Outdoor Fireplace and Spectacular Backyard Patio

Bright Blue Island in White, Cottage Kitchen

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From Beverly Hills to the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles is a place where the rich and famous live large, and everyone has a dream. For the region's real estate brokers, landing a client and closing a deal can be as competitive as any casting call. Follow three real estate firms as they build up their rosters of millionaire clients, tour spectacular properties and network their way through the competitive world of high-end real estate. This is Selling LA!

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