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Making Old New Again 00:58

Daren and family bring their hilarious brand of restoration to New Jersey.

About the Show

Contractor Daren Rogers and interior designer Beth Diana Smith have an abiding passion for renovating vintage homes in their northern New Jersey community. Whether Victorian, Tudor, Georgian or something in between, Daren and Beth restore homes to their original glory while keeping them functional for a modern family.

Season 1, Episode 1

Victorian Glory

Daren and Beth help a Glen Ridge, NJ, family restore the classic details and vintage charm of their 130-year-old Victorian home. They begin their construction project in the kitchen where the maze-like structure is transformed to its original expanded and Victorian-style open layout. Next, they look to completely gut-renovate and expand the bathroom before installing a mudroom with cute and functional cubbies for the kids. Everything seems to be going according to plan until they discover some old plaster with asbestos in it. Will this discovery derail their progress?

May 20
1pm | 12c