Universal Design for the Home

If someone you love needs help with around-the-house tasks, "universal design" -- or products and spaces designed for people of all abilities -- can help. These updates will make life easier for everyone in your home.


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Light Sensor

Whether it's challenging to switch lights on and off or you have a habit of forgetting to turn off the lights, light sensors automatically turn on when entering and off when leaving a room — saving you both effort and electricity. Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Rising Bathroom Wall

This soaking tub has a side wall that rises and lowers, so you can step in easily yet still get a spa-like bath. Photo courtesy of Kohler

Hands-Free Faucet

This hands-free, battery-operated faucet means no more wrestling with knobs. And there's no find-the-sensor dance — it will detect you within four inches, and shut off seconds after you step away. Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet

Touch Drawers

These touch-controlled drawers and cabinets mean no pulling or hefting at all. Photo courtesy of Blum USA

Different Drawer Pulls

Replacing hard-to-hold cabinet and drawer pulls with D-shaped handles or lever pulls is a simple way to make any drawer easier to access. Photo courtesy of Bubbles Bathrooms

Cabinet Plate Drawer

Put frequently used plates and bowls in a large drawer instead of on a shelf so you don't have to reach. Photo courtesy of Mullet Cabinet

Door Lever

Replacing hard-to-hold, knob-shaped handles with levers is a simple way to provide easier access to any room in your home.

Pull-Out Bathroom Drawers

Groping around in the back of a lower cabinet can be tough even with a healthy back. Add sliding shelves to keep the items at hand. Photo by Crown Point Cabinetry

Electric Jar Opener

Kitchen products like this electric jar opener make everyday tasks easy for everyone, especially those with arthritis. Photo courtesy of OXO

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