Laminate Kitchen Countertops

An inexpensive option, laminate countertops can stand up to stains and scratches and are available in many styles and colors.

Stone Look-Alike

This laminate countertop was produced with advanced printing technology to closely mimic natural slate, complete with ivory and green veining. The surface is available in five finish options. Shown: 180fx Slate Sequoia. Photo courtesy of Formica Corporation

Luxurious Options

The best of both worlds: These laminate surfaces mimic creamy taupe marble and dramatic black marble for a luxurious appearance rich with contrast. Shown: Calcutta Marble and Black Alicante. Photo courtesy of Wilsonart International

Realistic Patterns

This laminate countertop mimics granite, with swirls of blue, brown and gold, and exotic veining. Some finishes feature subtle clefts and fissures for added realism. Shown: 180fx Blue Storm. Photo courtesy of Formica Corporation

Stylish Integrated Sink

Water-resistant laminate surfaces are ideal near the sink. A new innovation, this countertop is compatible with a seamless integrated sink for easy cleanup. Shown: Luna Winter. Photo courtesy of Wilsonart International

Budget-Friendly Option

High-pressure laminate countertop is a stylish choice that’s easy on the budget. The durable surface is available in a wide variety of colors. Shown: Mineral Ochre. Photo courtesy of Formica Corporation