10 Ways to Organize Your Kid's Closet

Your kids' toys, clothes and sports equipment can fill their closets with clutter. Take control with these easy organizing ideas.
By: Toni Hammersley

Use a Variety of Storage Bins

Adding bins and baskets to kids' closets helps control clutter buildup. Becky of Organizing Made Fun used a variety of plastic bins and baskets to accommodate different-sized items.

Keep Shoes on Open Shelving

Do your kid's shoes more often than not end up in a pile on the floor? To avoid this, designate a specific place to neatly store their shoes, such as open shelving.

Use Double Hangers

Closet doubler rods work well in kids' closets because they increase hanging space while allowing small children to reach their own clothes without your help. Kids can also put their clothes away on laundry day, keeping their closets clutter free and teaching them organization skills at an early age.

Utilize the Door

Make use of all the space in your closet, including the door. Becky of Clean Mama hung a shoe organizer on the front of her daughter's closet door to store her dolls' accessories.

Organize Loose Items

Hold your kid's toys, games and sports equipment in one place using bungee cords. Alejandra Costello uses cords to make loose items easily accessible but without the risk of them falling.

Come Up With a Hanging System

Hang similar items together so kids can pick out their clothes and put them away quickly. Color-coordinate them and hang by category, such as short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, dresses, pants and dress shirts.

Label Everything

Labeling helps keep the abundance of clothing, toys and accessories your child accumulates at bay. If you don't have a label maker, simply print the words on paper, cut them out and pin or glue to storage bins.

Designate Specific Areas

If you have the luxury of a walk-in closet, take advantage of the space with an organized closet system. Designate a place for a laundry hamper, drawers for shoes and accessories, and open shelving for toys. Design by LA Closet Design

Invest in a Closet System

If you can't keep toys organized, purchase a good closet system to keep them out of sight. Anna of Ask Anna customized a closet system that fit her own needs and was within her budget. Systems come with a variety of storage options, such as drawers, cubbies and shelving.

Color-Coordinate Baskets

Coordinating baskets by color is a fun and easy way for your kids to stay organized. Store all toys in same color baskets, and store books in a different color. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

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