Dreamy Bedroom Color Palettes

The key to a dreamy bedroom color palette is to not overdo any single element. If you choose a monochromatic color scheme, mix up textures and patterns. If you go with a bold color mix, offset it with an empty wall or neutral bed linens.
By: Karin Beuerlein

Photo By: Donna Dotan

Photo By: IKEA

Photo By: Jonathan Allen

Photo By: IKEA

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Contrasting Colors

High contrast makes a stunning visual impact without sacrificing harmony. Blue and orange hues, opposites on the color wheel, are repeated in the wool rug and bedding in HGTV Dream Home 2015's nautical-inspired guest bedroom.

Soothing Yet Bold

A restful color scheme doesn't have to be a snooze. Focusing on two main colors — gray and white — in various hues makes this contemporary bedroom comfortable and inviting. Sprinkling a variety of textures throughout keeps it interesting, while the fresh flowers add softness and life. Design by Claire Paquin

Red Can Be Restful

Don't be afraid of bold colors — in the right combinations, they make for elegant, soothing spaces. Designer Erinn Valencich layered this bedroom with sumptuous neutral fabrics and finishes, then she added a red cherry on top in the form of lamps and a cranberry silk swag. "It's easy and inexpensive," Erinn says of the swag. "You can buy pre-made curtains, hang them on a short rod and tuck them behind the headboard." The sexy zebra-print bench on the right introduces a bit of whimsy.
From: Erinn Valencich

Mix for a Match

Using a rich deep blue wall color and lots of dark furniture in the bedroom creates a soothing retreat that envelops rather than cools. Accenting the walls, brown ceiling-height drapes and onyx-stained floors with pops of white and beige linens and area rugs throughout offers the perfect mix of masculine and feminine so often hard to achieve in a master. Image courtesy of IKEA

White Hues

Layering complementary tones is the key to a "white" bedroom that feels like a haven instead of a hospital. Animal-print stools and gold furniture add interest to the room. 

Purple Reigns

The color of royalty flies in the face of the all-too-typical white-wall approach in a bedroom. Instead of patterned drapes and beige carpeting or an area rug, turn to the walls and bed to highlight your love of color. Combining dark and light purples keeps this space fresh and fun. Courtesy of IKEA

Neutral and Natural

The HGTV Green Home 2011 master bedroom brings the outdoors in with nature-inspired furnishings and organic bedding. The room's neutral color palette gives the space a peaceful tranquility.

Mixing Flair and Function

The metallic-finish nightstand and luxurious tapestry headboard throw off a glamorous sparkle in this bedroom designed by Tina Mellino, but they belie a family-friendly functionality. "Everything in this room is durable," Tina says, "because I designed it as an adult guest suite where the client's grandchildren could also come to play video games. The duvet cover, for example, is a soft machine-washable linen." The wall behind the bed features a custom-mixed coppery paint treatment from Variance that's applied with a trowel and lightly buffed. "It creates a wonderful soft texture that reflects light differently at different times of day," Tina says.

Serenity From the Sea

The owner of this bedroom suite wanted a quiet, elegant look and already had a collection of rugs and artwork to build around, so designer Annette Phillips chose a complementary focal color: a delicate sea-glass green. The tray ceiling is painted the focal color and is offset by soft gold walls and antique white trim. Schumacher silk plaid draperies and the custom-designed bedding repeat the hues in contrasting patterns for extra textural interest.

Soothing Blue

A golden ceiling light elegantly cascades over this gold and blue embellished bedroom with white bedding and a neutral area rug. HGTV fan Rethink Design Studio created a romantic and regal getaway with smoky blue walls, a silk tufted headboard and a soft mohair blanket. Luxurious furnishings and soft lighting are perfect additions to such an elegant space.

One Tone — Not One Note

Sticking with a single color should feel lush, not stingy. Designer Sarah Barnard dressed this room entirely in green to echo the verdant plantings just outside the French doors. Still, the effect is subtle because of layered finishes. "One of the great places to build up visual texture in the bedroom is on the bed itself," Sarah says. "There are certainly different schools of thought as to how many pillows is too many, but a bed is an indulgent space anyway. Having an excess of pillows makes it possible to introduce a lot of textures."

A Modern Masterpiece

In this bedroom, white walls and gray-carpeted floors offer a subdued backdrop, so what better setting for a "wow" bedspread and artwork? Designer Robin Callan sewed a duvet cover from IKEA fabric to complement the bed, which is upholstered in a woven charcoal material and sold by Five Elements in Austin, Texas. "It's beautiful," Robin says of the bed. "It's a modern masterpiece — it's very warm but could also go futuristic if you wanted." Lime-green sheets and orange lamps add just enough bright color to complete the look without going overboard.

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