Woodland Garden and Stream

A manmade stream runs through this beautiful, wooded garden from Lewis Aquatech, highlighting an array of flowers, shrubs and perfectly placed boulders. Soft lighting and stone bridges over the water add to the space's tranquil nature.

Photo By: Judy Davis

Photo By: Lewis Aquatech

Photo By: Judy Davis

Photo By: Judy Davis

Photo By: Judy Davis

Photo By: Judy Davis

Lush Garden With Water Stream

With each plant carefully selected and placed, this garden will become more and more beautiful with each passing season.

Beautifully Designed Garden With Lush Plants and Water Stream

Hand-placed natural boulders create defined routes between the roots of existing trees and the site's natural contours.

Water Stream Surrounded by Boulders and Lush Plants

Nature is one of the purest forms of beauty that exists. Capturing that beauty in a controlled environment requires a keen understanding of current and future conditions. The garden's design includes a manmade stream surrounded by boulders that blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

Beautiful, Tranquil Garden

Stone foot paths and bridges weave in and out of the garden, creating a walk of tranquility with the sounds of the stream.

Gorgeous Garden With Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting helps guide the way so the garden can be enjoyed after sunset.

Manmade Stream

Hidden in a wooded area, overgrown trees and underbrush were brought to life by intertwining 360 linear feet of a manmade stream.

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