Asian Tea House and Garden

A pre-existing tea house inspired this Asian garden by Hugh Morton and Paul Fraynd. A sawn granite pathway, traditional Japanese lantern statue and a curved fountain with river stones provide a serene atmosphere for contemplation and reflection.

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Photo By: Colin Conces Photography

Japanese Tea House and Sawn Granite Path Create Balance in Asian Garden

In this peaceful Asian garden, a pre-existing Japanese tea house and sawn granite walkway strike a beautiful visual balance. The lilac flagstone of the pathway not only complements the traditional lantern statue, but also helps to establish a clean and defined space for visitors to walk through.

Round River Stones in Patio Fountain Encourage Interaction

A fountain composed of round river stones serves as the centerpiece to this serene patio. The stacked stones create a visual balance, but they can be adjusted to the homeowner's preferences. Changing the stone pattern also creates different sounds with the water, thus encouraging the homeowner to interact with his or her environment.

Spacious Front Garden Featuring Hedgerows and Accent Boulders

In this spacious front garden, hedgerows serve as a boundary between houses, offering privacy and a clean border. Individual accent boulders dot the yard and create a visual contrast against the flat landscape.

Multicolored Round River Stone Walkway Encourages Reflection in Asian Garden

Inspired by the tranquility of traditional Asian gardens, this stunning multicolored round river stone walkway encourages an intentional, quiet reflection. The meandering shape of the path defines the surrounding green spaces, while the varying sizes and textures of the stone promote concentrated steps, causing visitors to slow their pace and relax.

Solitary Japanese Statue Blends Seamlessly Into Asian Garden

At the center of this Asian garden setting, a stone Japanese statue blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Set in an open clearing, the statue's solitary presence evokes quiet contemplation and reflection.

Flagstone Border Defines Backyard Spaces

Buried 5- to 10-feet deep and stabilized within recycled concrete, these flagstones create a natural border in the backyard, helping to define the surrounding green spaces. Their vertical nature effectively highlights the plants behind them and further accentuates the scale of the landscape.

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