Fabulous Water Features

Browse some of our favorite fountains and garden ponds shared by HGTV.com readers.
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Photo By: RHGTV fan Tdnuss

Photo By: Photo by Tdnuss

A robust water feature and colorful plantings welcome visitors to this home. Posted by HGTV fan landrock.

Scene of serenity: A bridge crosses two connecting ponds, accented by waterfalls and surrounded by blooming perennials and annuals. Posted by HGTV fan Tdnuss.

Tdnuss's bridge extends into a short boardwalk flanked by gayfeather and more.

The view of the master bedroom offers this lovely view of a small waterfall, stream and pond, surrounded by a walkway and lush plantings. Posted by HGTV fan kmphelps.

Before: A natural low spot invites a water feature in this untouched landscape. Posted by HGTV fan theofiles.

After: Several trips to Disney World inspired theofiles to build this large water feature as the backdrop for a new patio.

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