Outdoor Pond Installation

Add a unique water feature to your backyard.


After: Stunning Pond


Before: Unused Flower Bed

Materials and Tools:

1 pond kit (includes liner and pump materials)
spray paint
shovels and picks
utility knife
backhoe (optional)


1. Choose a location for the pond that is relatively flat. Before digging for the pond, contact your local utility marking service to make sure there are no buried electrical, gas or plumbing lines.


2. Decide on the shape of the pond. If using a flexible pond liner, use a garden hose to outline different shapes. Once you've decided on a shape, spray paint the outline on the ground. If using a pre-formed hard plastic liner, trace it with the spray paint.


3. Use hand shovels and picks to dig out the pond shape. If putting in a large pond, you may want to consider renting a backhoe. Dig out a place for the filter and pump to sit on the side of the pond area.


4. Lay out the felt liner or underlayment, pulling tight to get rid of as many wrinkles as possible. Next, lay out the pond liner. Don't cut the flexible liner yet, since it will stretch into the hole as it is filled.


5. Fill about 3/4 full with water, stretching the liner to pull out the majority of wrinkles.


6. Cut the liner around the pump and filter with a utility knife. Tuck the liner into the pump or filter. Snap frame in place to seal opening, according to manufacturer's instructions.

7. Line the bottom and sides of pond with fieldstones to hide the liner. To keep the water from looking muddy, hose and scrub the stones first.

8. Cut the liner and finish filling with water. Landscape the area as desired. Note: If the water looks murky, don't worry. The sediment will settle to the bottom or get filtered out within a couple of weeks.

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