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Build an Industrial Water Feature

Follow these steps to add an industrial chic water feature to your landscape.

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Modern Water Feature

A water feature is a great way to add value to your yard, while improving your outdoor experience with beautiful plants and the sound of trickling water. This water feature has a modern, industrial twist with the addition of an elevated galvanized bucket.

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You Will Need

preformed pond liner or large black plastic bin from home improvement center (we used one from the concrete supplies section that was less than $15) / a level / play sand / one 3/4-inch x 10-inch galvanized pipe / one 3/4-inch x 6-inch galvanized pipe / one 3/4-inch galvanized connector / one 3/4-inch galvanized T / one 3/4-inch galvanized floor flange / one 3/4-inch close nipple / wood screws / galvanized bucket / drill and 1 1/8-inch drill bit / pliers (optional) / concrete / rebar / painter's tape / 6-inch x 12-inch pressure-treated lumber / fountain pump / pump tubing / scissors or utility knife / spraying fountain head / water-tolerant plant or aquatic pond plant (we used horsetail grass) / grassy plants / other low-growing plants for contrast / soil / rocks for landscaping the pond (we used flagstone)

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Plan Out Your Water Feature

Draw out your general design, without worrying too much about your artistic ability. The drawing is for your eyes only and simply used to help you determine the general layout and to plan purchases. Next, list the items you will need and make sure they fit within your budget. If you want your water feature to be seen, make sure to place it in a prominent place where it stands out among nearby landscaping. You may also consider setting it apart somehow by outlining it with landscaping stones or building a path that leads to it. Remember that water is often tempting to small children, so make sure they are always supervised when playing near your water feature. Also make sure your water feature is fenced-in and not accessible to passerby and curious children who might want to explore unsupervised.

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Photo: Photo by Mick Telkamp

Choosing a Pump

There are a variety of pumps available. Choose one that will pump enough water for your project. For a small water area, a 120-gallon-per-hour pump should be sufficient. Consider one with spraying attachments included or easily attainable.

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