Room to Play

Mix a dose of fun into your landscape design—for your kids or for you and your friends.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Land Ho!

An old boat in the garden serves as an interesting architectural element and offers a great vessel for the kids to sail the vast seas of flowers in the garden. Land Ho!

Veiled Playhouse

A treehouse tucked away in the corner of the garden makes a perfect place for children to let their adventures begin and their imaginations run wild.

Backyard Trampoline

Gardens are such fun spaces for children and grown-ups to play. Trampolines in the garden are good for exercise and keeping in shape, but they are also good for a laugh. Find out how to create a safe trampoline in this video.

Create Kid-Friendly Spaces

Don't have the cash for a playhouse? There are other ways to make a fun space for kids, such as creating an improvised teepee from sticks or bamboo decorated with cushions and paper lanterns.

Trees Please

Trees provide natural jungle gyms for children to play. Before you cut down a tree in your yard, think of the shady respite it may provide for picnics or outdoor play, whether it might make a great treehouse support or even its possibility as a natural playscape.

Install a Swing

What child (or grownup for that matter) can resist a tree swing? Install one in your garden with these easy steps, and let the fun begin!

Light Your Fire

A swimming pool within the garden, dramatic lighting and a space to gather around the fire creates a magical atmosphere for entertaining friends and family.

Dramatic Entertaining Space

Dramatic light panels cast a warm glow on your guests as they take a refreshing swim in the pool.

Fun with Lighting

Creative, up-lighting on the garden walls gives this outdoor space the feeling of a nightclub. All that is missing is the dance floor and music.

Lighting for the View

Lighting on a balcony is subtle so that distant city lights can be enjoyed at night.

Think Child-Size

Tailor your garden to suit your child's sense of scale. With this fun DIY child-friendly planter activity, you can learn to create planters for edibles or ornamentals where children can grow what they love.

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