11 Ways to Preserve Petals

Make the beauty of your blooms last longer by using them in a recipe, incorporating them into your next craft or infusing them into a beauty product. 

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Edible Petals

Put petals in your popsicles. Plenty of plants are okay to eat and can add a new flare to your food. Be sure you know which petals are edible before using them in the kitchen. Try this easy Marigold Citrus Popsicle. Editor’s Note: Be cautioned that some plants can be poisonous, and poisonous plants sometimes resemble edible plants which often grow side by side. It is the responsibility of the reader, or the reader’s parent or guardian, to correctly identify and use the edible plants described. HGTV does not guarantee the accuracy of the content provided in this article and is not liable for any injury resulting from use of any information provided.

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

Let your next DIY project be these rose-infused bath bombs. Give them as gifts or simply use them to pamper yourself after a long day of gardening. 

Potpourri Pillows

You can use more than just petals in these aromatic potpourri pillows.

Rose Water + Rose Oil

For a DIY beauty project, use your favorite roses to make rose water and rose oil

Pressed Flower Lollipops

Perfect for gifts, parties or sweet-tooth indulgences, these pretty pops are easy and fun to make. 

Lavender Wreath

Take lavender from your garden to the front door with this dried wreath how-to.

Garden Giving

Up your gift-giving game with these unique wrapping ideas—a perfect way to repurpose petals, leaves or grass. 

Pressed Flower Lanterns

Illuminate pressed petals and leaves by making flower lanterns. Easy and inexpensive, lanterns add the perfect ambiance to any indoor or outdoor space.

Pink Petals

Accessorize with petals using this easy DIY craft. Give these earrings as a gift or add them to your own jewelry collection. 

Essential Oils

Many essential oils are infused with plant ingredients, so why not use what you're growing in the garden? Learn how to make your own essential oils for beauty, health and culinary uses. 

Pressed Petal Phone Case

This pretty pressed petal phone case DIY makes a great gift.

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