How to Cover a Refrigerator With Removable Wallpaper

If you're a renter or a homeowner who is stuck with a dingy fridge, give it a makeover with removeable wallpaper. It's an easy project that won't cost a lot, and when your lease is up, you can just peel off the wallpaper. 

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Materials Needed

  • removable or temporary wallpaper
  • measuring tape
  • small utility knife
  • scissors

Clean and Prep the Fridge

When you’re shopping for your paper, be sure to purchase removable or temporary wallpaper, as you may have to take it down when you are moving out. I recommend using a simpler print. This will make it easier to line up each section of paper exactly – to give the refrigerator a seamless look.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to scrub the outside of your refrigerator. The paper adheres more evenly when it’s sticking to a clean, smooth surface.

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Now you’ll want to measure and cut your paper. Most removable wallpaper comes in long rolls, so you’ll want to hang it horizontally. Measure and cut a piece approximately 7 to 8 inches longer than the front of your fridge.

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Attach First Piece

Peel the adhesive backing off of your first piece of wallpaper. Holding the piece taut, you’ll want this first piece to be positioned with a 3- to 4-inch overhang at the top of your refrigerator, as well as on each side. Stick the middle of the piece to the front of the top of your fridge, taking care to smooth out any wrinkles.

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Cut Around Details

Using a small utility knife, slowly and carefully cut a straight line from the top of your wallpaper overhang to the very left corner of the fridge door. Once you’ve made this cut, simply fold the left edge of the paper over and adhere it to the side of the door. You’ll next want to make a similar cut on the upper right corner. Once both sides of the refrigerator door are covered with paper, you can fold the top overhang piece of wallpaper down and stick it smoothly to the top of the refrigerator door. The extra overhang tabs on either side will fold down and stick to the top of the door as well – similar to wrapping a present. Use the utility knife to trim off any extra paper. 

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Cut Around the Handle

If your refrigerator door handle is on the front of your door, you can remove it before wallpapering and then reattach it once you’re done. If your handle is on the side of the door, however, simply use your small utility knife to precisely cut around the handle. 

Photo by: Bethany Nauert

Bethany Nauert

Enjoy Your New Kitchen

This project calls for a little patience and can be easier to do with an extra set of hands and eyes – but the results are dramatic. Goodbye stubborn smudges, dings and rust spots! The best part is, removable wallpaper will peel off if your landlord prefers you return your refrigerator to its original state when you move out. See more of this apartment makeover >>

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