25 Swoon-Worthy Outdoor Chandeliers for Every Design Style

No, really. These chandeliers are worth swooning over.

Over the past few years, outdoor rooms have become ultra-popular. People seem to love the idea of creating an indoor-like space outdoors. I’m totally on board with the trend. You get the comfort and luxury of the indoors with the natural ambiance of the outdoors. One of my favorite parts of the whole concept is lighting. Gorgeous chandeliers that were once saved for interiors are now having their moment in the sun. (Get it?)

I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite outdoor chandeliers, including dreamy outdoor wedding lighting and a few DIYs for my avid crafters. Scroll through, and see which options best suit your style.

For Industrial Flair

Chandeliers made of rope and galvanized or rusted metal create an industrial feel. This type of chandelier pairs well with transitional, contemporary and farmhouse-style spaces.

For a Rustic Vibe

Gorgeous Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Gorgeous Stone Outdoor Fireplace

A large wooden chandelier and gorgeous stone fireplace lend a rustic feel to this chic outdoor living space. A small sofa and two armchairs provide seating.

Photo by: Julie Dodson

Julie Dodson

To achieve a rustic look, search for heavy, substantial chandeliers made of materials like natural wood.

For a Classic Look

If your goal is a timeless design, choose a chandelier with a classic body and neutral color, such as black or gray.

For a Trendy Touch

Do you want your lighting to make a statement in style? The on-trend basket chandelier is a great option. Or, to go totally contemporary, pick a sleek, clean-lined fixture.

For an Eclectic Feel

A variety of chandeliers will work in an eclectic space. Do shop with your existing furniture in mind, but don’t be afraid to select an unusual fixture if it jives with your style.

For a Mediterranean Design

Wrought iron and heavy wood are the most common materials used for Mediterranean-style chandeliers. If you’re envisioning something ornate and intricately detailed, try wrought iron.

For a Tropical or Coastal Locale

A lantern-style chandelier works well for a tropical feel, while a galvanized metal variety can offer coastal undertones.

For Cottage Garden Ambiance

Achieving cottage garden ambiance can be as simple as installing a candle chandelier in the middle of your cottage garden. To get the same effect on a patio, entangle ivy in the curves of a traditional chandelier.

For an Outdoor Wedding or Reception

Chandeliers can add romance and whimsy to an outdoor wedding or reception. If you’re setting up a tent, consider hanging them inside. If not, crystal chandeliers look oh-so dreamy dangling from tree branches.

For a DIY Enthusiast

Surprisingly, there are lots of options for crafting your own outdoor chandelier. You can make one out of a cypress knee and fairy lights. You can build one with a wood board and Mason jars, or you can even upcycle an old pot rack by adorning it with candles and plants. If none of those options suit your DIY style, try the hula-hoop or solar-powered chandelier below.

Make a Hula-Hoop Chandelier 00:58

Turn a hula hoop (or two) into an enchanting outdoor chandelier.

DIY Solar Chandelier 02:24

Bring fun, eco-friendly design outdoors with an upcycled solar chandelier.
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