Wicker. Rattan. What's Your Take on the Boomerang Design Trend?

Get our favorite ideas for incorporating wicker and rattan into almost every room in the house.
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As the boho trend has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, wicker and rattan are both enjoying a comeback on the design frontlines. And if you’re thinking of Golden Girls-style wicker and rattan patio furniture that you would find out on your Grandma’s lanai…think again. 

Curved Wicker Swings

Curved Wicker Swings

Photo by: John Bessler

John Bessler

As a 70’s decor lover, I've been lately feeling like the self-appointed president of the wicker and rattan lover’s fan club. If I see a piece at a thrift store or the flea market, I have to use all of my self-control not to buy it. (And truth time: I’m often not very successful in that endeavor.)

Often available at very reasonable price points, wicker and rattan decor are versatile enough to work with a variety of different design styles. You can find both vintage and modern pieces, either of which would easily fit into your home.


A super easy way to add wicker into your space is through storage. Wicker baskets are readily available and always manage to bring in a warm, natural element to a room. You could also add more graphic or tribal baskets to use as decor, a hamper or even to hold some extra towels in your bathroom.

Black and White Wicker Baskets

Black and White Wicker Baskets

Photo by: House of Jade Interiors

House of Jade Interiors


While I do stick by my Golden Girls comment, I will admit that an outdoor space is the perfect spot to introduce some wicker or rattan. Wicker outdoor furniture is readily available (I would recommend sticking with more modern shapes and styles), as well as fun accessories like the wicker egg swings (above).

Mediterranean Outdoor Dining Room

Mediterranean Outdoor Dining Room

Photo by: Tammy Randall Wood

Tammy Randall Wood

If you’re in a milder climate, wicker tends to do fairly well outside, even when it’s exposed to the elements.


If you love the look of vintage pieces, consider trying something bold like a wicker bed. When you pair it with modern decor (like a collection of round gold mirrors or a simple reclaimed wood side table), you avoid things looking dated or fussy.

Blue Wicker Bed with Dog

Blue Wicker Bed with Dog

Photo by: Eric Roth Photography

Eric Roth Photography

Living Room

Here is another example of using wicker or rattan in a very modern space and keeping things fresh and unique. These two rattan tables take the place of a single coffee table and allow a lot more flexibility in this narrow, beachside living room.

Modern Oceanfront Living Room With Rattan Ottomans

Modern Oceanfront Living Room With Rattan Ottomans

Photo by: Brad Nicol

Brad Nicol

Clean, simple furniture pairs very well with the detail of the rattan.

Dining Room

Here’s an example of an "all in," super bold and bright yellow breakfast area. This space includes a big nod to vintage, 50s or 60s spaces but also maintains a fun and updated vibe. Painted rattan chairs and a table base pair with a largescale, low-hung wicker light fixture.

Bright Yellow Dining Room

Bright Yellow Dining Room


This is another great example of a bold, vintage wicker piece in the form of a completely unique monkey console table. Since the table makes such a statement, the decor is kept simple so none of the design choices conflict with one another.

Eclectic Hallway With Monkey Table, Glass Stars & Bird Sculpture

Eclectic Hallway With Monkey Table, Glass Stars & Bird Sculpture

Photo by: Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin


The dinner table is also a perfect spot to easily add some wicker details. These neutral placemats work well with a variety of different styles and colors, either for a simple dinner party or a holiday meal. You can also find a variety of other wicker table details including trays, cup holders and small baskets to hold silverware or other serving accessories.



©Rustic White Photography

Rustic White Photography

Accent Pieces

You don’t necessarily need to be room specific when bringing in wicker and rattan. Choosing an accent piece or two will allow you to bring this material into any space in your home. This graphic chair is a fabulous piece and could work in an entryway or mudroom, around a small dining table or even as a sidechair in a master or guest bedroom.

Coastal Gallery Wall and Striped Wicker Chair

Coastal Gallery Wall and Striped Wicker Chair

Photo by: Chipper Hatter Photography

Chipper Hatter Photography

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