7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Boutique Hotel

You'll never have to check out of this hotel room.
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There are few things in life that feel quite as indulgent as staying at a luxe boutique hotel. Somehow those hotel beds always manage to feel like a fluffy cloud and the sheets feel as soft as spun silk. And don't even get me started on the bathrobes.

Transitional Master Bedroom With Luxe Bed

Transitional Master Bedroom With Luxe Bed

But you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars or hop on a plane to experience the magic of your favorite hotel room. There are a few easy things you can do to recreate the same luxurious vibe in your own bedroom...and it all starts with the sheets.

Luxe Sheets

Gold Encrusted Master Bed

Gold Encrusted Master Bed

Photo by: Werner Straube

Werner Straube

The easiest way to snazz up your bedroom is to outfit your bed with a gorgeous set of sheets. To keep the hotel room look, go for a crisp, white set of sheets that are at least 300 thread count. Hotel rooms tend to use sateen or percale sheets, but you should choose the material that feels most comfortable to you.

If you want to splurge, you can have your sheets professionally laundered, so they come home nice and pressed. And if you find a brand of linens that you truly love, consider purchasing two or three sets so you always have them on hand.

8 Different Ways to Dress Your Bed

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One Bed Gets Eight New Looks

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Bright & Girly

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Cottage Casual

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Vintage Americana

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Understated

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Luxe

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Bohemian

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Monochromatic

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

If Your Style is Rustic Modern

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Warm Lighting

Modern Master Bedroom With Pendant Lights

Modern Master Bedroom With Pendant Lights


Fixer Upper

You'll notice that almost all hotel rooms have lamps or sconces on either side of the bed. This always helps pull the room together visually and also allows you to turn off the overhead light and create a warm and cozy mood in your space. Sconces tend to look better in matched pairs, but lamps can easily be mixed and matched.

If you already have lamps or sconces but don't feel like the lighting is quite right, try lower wattage or even a soft color like pink.

12 Illuminating Ideas for the Bedroom

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Space-Saving Sconces

Balanced Design

Convenient Elegance

Light Complements

Limited Lighting

Mix It Up

Contemporary Alternative

Bright Whites

Serene Atmosphere

At-Home Getaway

Modern Charm

Enhanced Ambiance

Fluffy Rug

Layered Rugs in a Contemporary Bedroom

Layered Rugs in a Contemporary Bedroom

The perfect soft, fluffy rug might even make you forget that you don't yet have the sheets you've been coveting or the perfect lighting setup. If you find a small rug that you love, like sheepskin, you could buy a few and place them around each of the three sides of your bed. Remember that you will usually be standing on this rug with bare feet, so the softer (and the fluffier!), the better.

15 Ways to Decorate With Area Rugs

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Center Stage

Family Friendly

Perfect Sizing

Bold Patterns

Colorful Additions

All Shapes and Sizes

Defining Spaces

Color Unity

Floor Border

Underneath It All

Rug Comforts

Floor Art

Goodbye Cold Feet

Inspirational Touch

Layered Effect

European Pillows

canopy beds

canopy beds

Photo by: Photo Credit: Edward Addeo

Photo Credit: Edward Addeo

Luxury hotels spend a lot of time thinking through the pillow combinations on their beds. Oftentimes you'll see large, square pillows, or Euro pillows, anchoring the back of your hotel bed. They offer visual impact but are functional, too.

These pillows are the ones I always grab when I want to zone out in bed and watch a movie or get lost in a book. They let you lean back and get super comfy without having to lay down in bed. While they do require specially-sized pillowcases, they do an amazing job of helping make your bed look (and feel!) super luxe, so they're worth a bit of extra effort.

Wireless Speakers

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Photo by: Gramovox


Another great way to up the luxe factor in your bedroom is to add a wireless speaker. This is also a good option if you don't have a TV (or want to ditch your TV). These speakers sync up with your phone or computer and allow you to listen to music, podcasts or even books.

Trick Out Your Bedside Table

Unique Nightstand in Master Retreat

Unique Nightstand in Master Retreat

Photo by: House of Jade Interiors

House of Jade Interiors

Hotels always have ample room to keep all of your stuff handy, especially on the bedside table. If you're lucky enough to have room for a bedside table, set it up in a way that works for you and helps bring the most luxe into your life.

If you love creams and lotions, keep your favorite hand cream nearby so you can always grab it, and if you love to read, keep a stack of your favorite books or magazines on hand along with a special reading light. Having the things you love most nearby will always make your bedroom feel like a special spot.

10 Double-Duty Nightstands

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Hard-Working Desk

Put Built-Ins to Work

Opt for Form and Function

Shelf Life

Spice Things Up With a Skirt

Elevate Everyday Objects

Photo By: Photography by David Phelps

Size Matters

Feminine + Functional

Big Can Be Beautiful

Mirror Image

Plush Bathrobe

Use a Wicker Basket to Store Linens

Use a Wicker Basket to Store Linens

For a truly luxe indulgence, get yourself a plush bathrobe. If you have a favorite from a particular hotel, you can often purchase it directly from the hotel and have it charged to your room (or if you're still lusting after a robe from a previous trip, call the hotel to see if they can send you one). This sort of a splurge will help you bring that same vacation vibe home and will keep the memories alive from your special trip.

15 Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

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Try Dark Hues

Adjust the Lighting

Layer Rugs

Bring on the Blankets

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson

Add a Personal Touch

Create a Canopy

©Design by SPI Design

Choose the Right Pieces

Make Use of Texture

Blend Old and New

From: Genevieve Gorder

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Try a Tufted Headboard

Pile on the Pillows

From: Deborah Wecselman

Add Ceiling Beams

Create a Reading Nook

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images ©2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Put in a Faux Fireplace

From: Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images © 2013, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Mix Patterns

Place Furniture Strategically

Use Soft Neutrals

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Incorporate Vintage Finds

Add Some Privacy

Sprinkle In Floral Accents

Photo By: Sarah Dorio/Flynnside Out Productions ©2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Dress Your Bed in Knit Fabric

Decorate in All White

Use the Same Hue in Different Tones

From: Houlihan Lawrence and Luxury Portfolio International®

Photo By: Houlihan Lawrence, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Don't Forget the Foot of the Bed

Skip Overhead Lighting

Display Your Books

Photo By: Michael J. Lee Photography

Invest in Good Bedding

Hide Electronics

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