10 Old Kitchen Items You Can Use to Organize Your Life

Use muffin tins for bathroom storage, plus more surprising ways to repurpose old kitchen stuff.

Whether you haven't baked since slap bracelets were in or just want to upgrade your kitchenware, there are plenty of ways to use those supplies outside the kitchen. Keep reading to see how common kitchen tools can be used as storage, like the muffin tin below that holds your bathroom toiletries — genius!

Multipurpose Muffin Pan

Multipurpose Muffin Pan

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Kimberly Ludy

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Ludy

Teacup Jewelry Holder

Teacup Organizers

Teacup Organizers

You love grandma's vintage tea set, but probably have nowhere to display it. Use the saucers and cups to hold your favorite possessions like jewelry. It's a quick and pretty way to organize your drawers.

Vintage Meets New



Bring out your lunchbox from your elementary school days, and use it to store all the odds and ends that clutter up your shelves. Got a collection of boxes? They can double as decor. 

Unscramble Your Thread



Photo by: Photo courtesy of Michele Pacey

Photo courtesy of Michele Pacey

I seem to collect countless spools of thread and organizing them is nearly impossible. If you are anything like me, use an egg carton to keep them separated and easy to grab.

Grater Pencil Holder

Repurposed Cheese Grater as Pencil Storage

Repurposed Cheese Grater as Pencil Storage

Photo by: Alicia McDonald and Jamie Ritter

Alicia McDonald and Jamie Ritter

Stick floral foam into an old grater, and stick pencils or other kitchen utensils into the foam to keep your kids' craft space tidy. Hang the grater on any surface to free up counter space, but make sure you use an old grater with dull edges to prevent cuts.

No Cookies in These Tins

Cookie Tins as Office Storage

Cookie Tins as Office Storage

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Serena Thompson

Photo courtesy of Serena Thompson

Use colorful cookie tins to store larger office supplies, and label them to keep things organized.

Tuna Can Drawer Organizer

Clever Organizers: Can the Clutter with Can Drawer Dividers

Clever Organizers: Can the Clutter with Can Drawer Dividers

For smaller office supplies, use recycled tuna cans. You can fit several in a drawer, and it keeps your most-used supplies right at hand.

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Hung Up on Jars

Hung Up on Jars

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Galvan

Photo courtesy of Liz Marie Galvan

Did you think we forgot about Mason jars? We're taking it to the next level with this clever way to organize your toiletries. You will need a piece of wood, paint, pipe clamps, wide-mouth Mason jars, screws and picture hangers to make this hanging organizer. Paint your wood board the color you want. Once it's dry, screw the pipe clamps onto the wood (be sure to measure out how many jars you'll be adding and space them out on the board). Add picture hangers to the back of the board to hang it on the wall. Then, slide the jars into the pipe clamps. Be sure the pipe clamps are tight enough to catch the lip of the jar. 

Cake Stand Turned Soap Dish

White and Green Cake Stand For Kitchen Soap and Sponge Display

White and Green Cake Stand For Kitchen Soap and Sponge Display

Photo by: Photo courtesy of Natalie Wright

Photo courtesy of Natalie Wright

Let's take it back to the kitchen. Cake stands take up too much precious cabinet storage. Keep it right by the sink instead to hold your sponges, towels and soap. You don't waste any counter space either since you can store things underneath it, too.

Ice Cube Tray Snack Caddy

Ice Cube Tray Food Holder

Ice Cube Tray Food Holder

An ice cube tray is an easy way to keep small household items organized or to separate food for your picky little eater. Sure, the food may not stay in its designated cubby by the end of mealtime, but A for effort.

25 Ways to Use Your Old Stuff

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Raise the (Shoe) Bar

Rustic Jewelry Display

Ice-Cube Tray Munchies

Mobile and Mess-Free Storage

  1. jute rope

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

New Home for Magazines

Tea Tin Herb Garden

Entryway Shutter Catchall

Teacup Organizers

Shipping Pallet Wine Rack

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Ladder Drying Rack

Paint Can Coat Hooks

Revamp Soda Crates

Rings to the Rescue

Clever Clipping

Modern Canning

Let 'Em Simmer

Dish Drainer File System

Functional Collectables

By the Yard

Junk Drawer in Order

Recycled Utensil Storage Containers

Photo By: Layla Palmer

Pot Rack for Planters

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Wine Crate Jewelry Display

A Simple Solution

License Plate Room Divider

New Life for Wooden Spools


First-Place Storage

Pull Out Your Drawers

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