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Sabrina's Best High to Low Makeovers

Our design diva proves that cheap really can be chic when she puts her bargain shopping skills to good use to recreate the look of high-end rooms for cash-strapped homeowners.

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  • HHILO-502ZH
    Charika and Jeff have been married for a blissful 19 years with two kids. Their entire home has recently been renovated including a very large finished basement. With a daughter about to start college staying within a budget is essential. T

  • HHILO-506ZH
    Liz are Ari Brandt have lived in this home for ten years and have yet to decorate the one room that EVERYBODY sees, the front entryway. Living in the city prior they hadn't lived in a home that had an actual foyer so they were baffled at wh

  • HHILO-503ZH
    Kim and Doug William's moved into their Montclair home ten years ago. They bought the home from an older woman who designed it to be very formal and stuffy so to transition the home for a younger couple with kids they put in a lot of work b

  • HHILO-403ZH
    Dan, Laurie, and their two kids love their sunroom but hate the way it's decorated. Because of uncomfortable furniture and little to no lighting, the family doesn't spend as much time in the room as they would like. Watch Sabrina Soto trans

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What does your dream room look like? Whether it's a classic living room or sumptuously romantic bedroom, HGTV designer Sabrina Soto is going to make lucky homeowners' design dreams reality, where budget is no issue — yet. Sabrina will reveal their dream room, then the fun begins. She will now mimic this exact look that fits the couple's budget. Piece by piece, Sabrina and her team will create smart, high-value replacements. Some of the original high-end pieces will stay as the best rooms splurge on some items and save on others. The final room and its price tag are then revealed.

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