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Modern Orange Home Office

Neutral Modern Open Living Room With Black Accents

Contemporary Gray and Blue Bedroom

Lucite Bookcase Adds Open Storage to Modern Home Office

Brown Traditional Dining Room With White Wainscoting

Contemporary Neutral Open Living Room With Fur Accent

Chalkboard Painted Wine Glasses

Contemporary Gray Bedroom With Tufted Headboard

Entryway With Contemporary Console Table

Contemporary Blue And Neutral Bedroom

About the Host

Sabrina Soto

Sabrina is a renowned interior designer, consultant and entrepreneur.
All About Sabrina

About The Show

What does your dream room look like? Whether it's a classic living room or sumptuously romantic bedroom, HGTV designer Sabrina Soto is going to make lucky homeowners' design dreams reality, where budget is no issue — yet. Sabrina will reveal their dream room, then the fun begins. She will now mimic this exact look that fits the couple's budget. Piece by piece, Sabrina and her team will create smart, high-value replacements. Some of the original high-end pieces will stay as the best rooms splurge on some items and save on others. The final room and its price tag are then revealed.
Season 1, Episode 4

The Apostol Family's Dream Living Room

Chris and Jen Apostol long for a beautiful living room but time and budget have always held them back until now. Designer Sabrina Soto shows them how to have the luxury they want at a price they can afford, first by creating a high end living room for $32,000 and then matching her expensive design piece by piece for the family's $5000 budget.

Apr 1
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 1

Relaxing Glam Bedroom

Meredith and Tom are ready to rid their room of hand-me-downs and leftover furniture in exchange for a bright, modern space full of storage. The busy couple wants a relaxing master bedroom retreat that they can call their own. Watch Designer Sabrina Soto transform their bedroom into a beautiful oasis at a bargain price.

Apr 8
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 2, Episode 13

Home Office Makeover

Designer, Sabrina, Soto turns Lipsy Patel's badly in need of help home office into a highly functional, professional looking work haven she always wanted. She then matches the fabulous high-end office design piece-by-piece for Lipsy's budget.

Apr 15
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 3, Episode 10

A Paradise Patio

Antonio and Isabel have one little boy but they also have another boy on the way. Every space of their home is overrun with balls, toys and games and she thinks it is only going to get worse when another one comes along. That is why she is asking Sabrina Soto for help. Sabrina creates a resort like retreat that Isabel can call her own.

Apr 22
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 4

A Cheerful and Contemporary Bonus Room

Sam and Kaman Po want to use their bonus room as a place for their three children to study but they also want this space to act as a guest room when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. The family leans towards a more contemporary style with bright and bold colors but they don't want the room to look childish. Sabrina will show viewers how to make bright and bold colors look sophisticated and that colors aren't just for kids.

Apr 29
6:30am | 5:30c
May 6
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 5, Episode 1

Contemporary Dining Room

April and Brett like many other couple's put their home decorating on hold while raising three little kids which is why they have called on Sabrina for help! After moving to the suburbs from a small NYC apartment decorating this spacious home has become overwhelming. Their dining room is a space they love to entertain in but doesn't at all reflect their modern style or the large family gatherings that they so often host. Watch as Designer Sabrina Soto merges the couple's modern taste with the old details of the room at a budget they can afford.

May 13
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 5, Episode 3

Luxurious Guest Room Retreat

Kim and Doug William's moved into their Montclair home ten years ago. They bought the home from an older woman who designed it to be very formal and stuffy so to transition the home for a younger couple with kids they put in a lot of work but it is now a house they LOVE. They both have family in other states and because Kim and Doug love to entertain their home has become the hub for guests to come and stay during the holidays. Very often they host up to twenty guests crashing for the holidays! One thing they loved about this house was the extra room on the third floor attic area that they knew they could use as a guest room. They have tried little by little to give this room some TLC but it's just one of the TO DO's that is always last on the list when you are a busy family with three kids. With the holidays quickly approaching Kim and Doug want to transform this room into a comfortable little getaway space for their family and friends especially the in-laws! Sabrina is here to help! Watch as she redesigns their guest bedroom into a luxurious retreat that their family and friends will love.

May 20
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 5, Episode 2

Wine Room and Lounge

Charika and Jeff have been married for a blissful 19 years with two kids. Their entire home has recently been renovated including a very large finished basement. With a daughter about to start college staying within a budget is essential. The one room that is always put on the back burner is considered a fourth bedroom/ guest room in their basement. It has become their catch all for junk and is not a functioning space. They want to reclaim this room and transform it into a cool adult Wine Bar Lounge. They love attending wine tastings and ultimately would love to hold a little wine tasting in their Wine Bar Lounge with friends. Sabrina uses her design magic to transform this room into the sophisticated and elegant lounge they always wanted.

May 27
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 5, Episode 6

Sophisticated Front Foyer

Liz are Ari Brandt have lived in this home for ten years and have yet to decorate the one room that EVERYBODY sees, the front entryway. Living in the city prior they hadn't lived in a home that had an actual foyer so they were baffled at what to do with this new and unique space. They are quite embarrassed that this is the first thing people see when they enter the home because it doesn't set the right tone. It looks as if no one lives in the home when you enter the front door. Currently it has just become a dumping ground for the kid's stuff. This room completely closes off to the rest of the house via French style folding doors to the living room or they can open it up for entertaining for additional seating. Liz and her son actually create very vibrant artwork so they want to infuse some color into this space. The Brandt's want this room to instantly make their guests feel comfortable and welcome but also allow Liz, Ari and their three kids to feel at home when they walk in everyday. They have slowly decorated the other rooms in their home but they need Sabrina's expert design help to figure out this unique space.

Jun 3
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 5, Episode 5

The Johnson's Eclectic Bedroom

Stephanie and Tyler Johnson like most first time homebuyers were thrilled to purchase their dream home last year. After saving and searching they found a beautiful 1940's home with lots of character! Although the home looked beautiful on the surface there was something lurking behind the walls, MOLD!!!! After having a botched inspection during the purchase, the mold was undetected until The Johnson's moved in which came as a big surprise. They didn't factor this costly repair into their decorating budget. Now that the mold is gone they have slowly been putting their home back together. The last room on the list is their master bedroom. This is just a room with a bed to sleep in at this point but they desperately want to change that. Their dream is to transform this space into a no kids zone with eclectic pieces, and vibrant colors. This room is not just a room to sleep in, but a place they can escape to! Tyler wants to play his guitar in here and Stephanie wants to be able to invite her girlfriend's in with a cocktail while they are getting dressed to go out. They both have a funky and edgy style that this space doesn't reflect at all and after having a MOLD setback they are calling on Sabrina for design help.

Jun 10
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 6

Industrial Style Home Office for Two

Randy and Christina want a gender neutral office space that is professional but stimulating at the same time. Sabrina will give the couple a bold but neutral palette while still being business friendly. The design of the room with be classic transitional with industrial elements.

Jun 17
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 3

Casual Chic Family Sunroom

Dan, Laurie, and their two kids love their sunroom but hate the way it's decorated. Because of uncomfortable furniture and little to no lighting, the family doesn't spend as much time in the room as they would like. Watch Sabrina Soto transform this sunroom into a bright, comfortable, chic space the family can enjoy year round.

Jun 24
6:30am | 5:30c

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