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White and Yellow Spa Bathroom With Yellow Tiled Shower


Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi Design View original photo.

White Marble Bathroom With Shower


Claudia Morales

Contemporary Beige Dining Room With Coastal Accessories

Luxurious Marble Walk-In Shower and Floating Vanity


Anjie Cho

Traditional Entryway With Hardwood Stairwell

Structured Shrub Border and Colorful Perennial Garden

Gibbs Smith, Lifelong Landscape Design, Mary Palmer Dargan Mary Palmer Dargan View original photo.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen With Built-In Bar


Mark Scott Associates

  1. vaulted ceiling

Anthony Gomez View original photo.

Elegant Burgundy Lounge Area


Shelly Riehl David

Lavish Silver Bedroom With Chandelier

Luxury Master Shower

About the Show

We all know designers and trendsetters who inspire us. But have you ever wondered where their inspiration comes from? You flip through magazines gazing at the stunning houses and spaces they decorate, but wouldn't you like to know how they came up with the design behind them? My Favorite Place is an all-access behind-the-scenes look at the spaces today's top designers and trendsetters find most inspiring.

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