Pampered Pups From HGTV's Posh Pets

Meet Sabrini Soto's Dog

Meet Harper, Sabrina Soto's adorable labradoodle that a pet chauffeur picks up for a day at the spa for pampering and a doggy makeover.

Aqua-and-Gray Pet-Bathing Station

Even the furriest family member has his own space in this cleverly adapted garage pet-bathing area, with it stylish aqua-and-gray color palette.

Townhouse Balcony Makes for Perfect Sunset-Watching Spot

Aonghus, an English Bulldog, enjoys the late afternoon sunlight on the balcony at his family's townhome in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta. A string of lights and a comfortable outdoor-quality love seat make it the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the downtown skyline.

Pet Alcove Under Modern Floating Stairs

This clever place for pets under the floating steps was one of the many amazing features in the HGTV Dream Home 2014.

Photo By: Eric Perry © 2013, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Patio with Water Fountain and Seating

A bubbler fountain has a striking presence in this patio and backyard on the water in Minneapolis. The basalt column fountains were selected by Southview Design for the pet-friendly outdoor space.

Neutral-Hued Master Bedroom Is Spacious, Sophisticated

The furniture in this sophisticated master bedroom was custom-built and designed to fit the scale of the large room. Gracefully arched windows allow natural light to fill the space, and soft, neutral hues ensure a soothing, inviting atmosphere for ultimate relaxation.

Elegant Traditional Kitchen With Built-In Pet Space

Built-in pet areas are a growing trend in kitchen design. In this traditional space, a “dog house” with room for a bed is nestled under the countertop.

Photo By: Peter Rymwid

Gray and White Craftsman Exterior and Dog

A dark exterior with crisp white accents calls attention to this home's elegant Craftsman design. Say hello to the golden retriever welcoming committee.

Pet-Friendly Storage Bench

Even the beloved dog was given priority in this room's plan! With her corner spot being owned by Tova, the client made sure nothing white got in her way. A treated bench with extra storage was added to the corner for her to enjoy.

Photo By: Amy Bartlam

Mudroom With Dog Kennel and Spa

No need for a trip to the kennel. Constructed by Washington, D.C.-based Four Brothers Carpentry, this built-in dog kennel and spa is located in a spacious mudroom that includes the family’s laundry facilities. Two comfy cages hold large dogs. A bottom drawer reveals a hide-a-way bed for a tiny pooch.

Pet Party Doggy Bag With Homemade Treats

At the end of the pet party, let each pet's parent bag up some of their favorite homemade treats to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

About the Show

Multimillion-dollar private jets, luxurious spa treatments and exorbitant shopping sprees: How far would you go for your pet? Posh Pets: Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry celebrates the outrageous ways some people pamper their furry family members. Host Beth Stern introduces viewers to the lovable pets of her fellow HGTV stars along with America's most pampered pets. Whether it's touring a sprawling Southern California resort designed just for dogs, boarding a jet for pets, attending a debutant ball for a rescued Chihuahua or checking into the suites of the swankiest pet-friendly hotels, Posh Pets proves that adoring owners will do anything to spoil their beloved animals. You're invited behind the scenes of a fancy glam-cat photo shoot, into a spa that specializes in doga (that's "dog yoga") and out on a sunset dinner date for pet owners looking for romance. We'll see HGTV's Antonio Ballatore immortalized with his bulldog, Chewie, by a celebrity pet photographer and Sabrina Soto with her labradoodle, Harper. Plus, DIY Network host Anitra Mecadon shows viewers how to build their own luxury doghouse without breaking the bank.

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