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Arched Wall Around Dark Wood Double Vanity With White Countertop

A beautiful arch shape frames the white tile wall above this double vanity. Dark wooden cabinetry is a beautiful contrast to the white and gray marble flooring, white countertops and white walls. Three glass-globed light fixtures are mounted between the matching mirrors to fully light the arched area.

Black and White Shower With Subway Tile

A reclaimed factory window serves as the shower door in this country cottage. The striking black and white color palate keeps the bathroom feeling modern and fresh. A small window in the shower lets in just enough natural light.

Contemporary Powder Room With Zigzag Patterned Backsplash

This powder room features an eye-catching backsplash with a brown and neutral zigzag designed. A contemporary vanity with a neutral stone countertop and stainless steel sink is positioned in front of the backsplash, while glass enclosed sconces hang on either side.

From: Griffith Interior Design LLC

Contemporary Bathroom with Green and White Tile Floor

The bathroom was enlarged and a spacious walk-in shower added as well as a double vanity, linen closet and lots of extra storage.

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Contemporary Green Double Vanity Bathroom

Twin vanities were added and the walls painted in a tranquil blue-green.

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Gray Contemporary Bathroom With Brown Floor

Crisp stainless steel accents and cool gray walls get a pop of warmth from the rich-hued floor, toilet seat and artwork.

Stylish Master Bathroom with Access to Private Balcony

As seen on Fixer Upper, this elegant master bathroom has been transformed into a stylish oasis. Bathed in a neutral color palette, this space is bright and inviting thanks to the large window and glass paneled door that leads from this space outside onto a private balcony for the couple to enjoy. To help warm the space, stylish accents, such as floating sinks, modern shelves and a rustic mirror were added, creating the perfect, updated blend of stylish and relaxing.

Neutral Bathroom With Blue Vanity

This beautiful bathroom combines interesting textural details like the paneled walls and glass-and-tile shower and then elevates the neutral color scheme with golden accents and a rich blue vanity.

Modern White Bathroom with White Marble Countertops

A newly remodeled bathroom with white marble countertops is shown, as seen on HGTv's Fixer Upper.

Photo By: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Gray Modern Bathroom With Soaking Tub

This luxurious modern bathroom features a cool mix of textures: pebbled floor, wood paneling and an all-glass shower. The freestanding soaking tub ups the ahhh-factor.

About the Show

Licensed contractor Jeff Devlin is rescuing America one bathroom at a time. In each episode, he helps homeowners transform their unbearable bathrooms into budget-friendly, state-of-the art spaces. From the hottest design trends and cutting-edge technology, to wallet-friendly resources, he'll take your most-hated bath from hideous to gorgeous without breaking the bank.
Season 3, Episode 13

The Languishing Loo

Steve and Staci bought their home 8 years ago and are at wits end when it comes to their dingy and desperately out of date bathroom. Watch as Host Jeff Devlin takes on the challenge of transforming the space from grimy to gorgeous with stylish details like a custom floating vanity, photo-realistic stone shower panels, teak ceiling light feature and an ornate floor design that's sure to add a touch of class.

Nov 4
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 7

Bye-bye to Big and Bland

Homeowners Paul and Jean have a bathroom that's too big for its own good. An oversized vanity, unnecessary cabinets, and a huge, outdated tub deck are making this bathroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. But, Jeff Devlin is here to change all that! Watch, as he installs a sleek new shower, bamboo flooring, floating vanities, and a clever sound system that'll bring lots of fun and a modern, open feel to this big, bland bathroom.

Nov 11
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 2, Episode 13

New House, New Bath

Andrea & Mike made an agreement they wouldn't even move in to their new home until making some improvements. First up is the small, dingy upstairs bathroom. Host Jeff Devlin helps by ripping out the strange flower soffit lighting, decrepit 1960's vanity & the old white tile that covers the bath. He updates the space with modern double vanities, adds bright & easy to clean shower panels, all new top of the line sensor controlled fixtures and a custom-made fiber optic ceiling light turns the ceiling into ambient art. When he's done with the space, these homeowners can't wait to move in.

Nov 18
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 3, Episode 9

Beyond Move-in Ready

Dana and Cory refuse to move into their new home until the master bathroom's up to par. While the room's got lots of space, it's an awkward J shape with absolutely no style and barely any function. Watch as host Jeff Devlin takes it over the top, with a steam shower, free-standing jetted tub, leather tiles, motorized wardrobe lift, and even full-size custom wind chimes – creating a bath that's beyond move-in ready.

Nov 25
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 3, Episode 7

Big Brown Bath

With shiny, outdated brown tiles all over the walls and floor, Laura and Scott's bath is unusable and lacks storage. Host and professional carpenter Jeff Devlin will transform this brown 1980s bathroom into a stylish and functional space with gorgeous Travertino-tiled wainscoting, a floating vanity with a reclaimed wood countertop and nautical touches like porthole mirrors and wall-mounted faucets, a bathtub with jets and a radio, a steam shower and a secret storage closet.

Dec 2
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 8

Make-up Make-over

Elizabeth moved into her 1920's bungalow and found out her bathroom belonged back in the 20's. Literally falling apart, with no storage to speak of, this bathroom needs a major make-over. Since Elizabeth's television hosting job requires her to be make-up ready, Jeff Devlin turns her tiny, tired bathroom into an open, elegant space complete with marble tiles and a huge lighted mirror with makeup vanity.

Dec 9
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 2, Episode 12

Timeless Masterpiece Luxury

Cory and Danika's 1928 Mediterranean style home has great architectural features as well as classical style and character. But all that charm stops at the main bath. The 1956 bath remodel not only has tiles crumbling off the wall, but the leaky coffin-like shower has forced Cory and Danika to use it as storage space. Jeff Devlin will turn this nightmare of a bath into timeless luxury with tin panels, painted wood floor, antiqued mirrors, and an LED showerhead!

Dec 16
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 10

A very true blue bathroom

When Aimee and Marcus first bought their 1988 split entry home three years ago they saw a lot of potential. However, they hate facing their least favorite room. Their horribly outdated bathroom with missing tiles and a hard to get into shower. Watch as host Jeff Devlin fixes up this forgotten and forlorn bath by turning it into a seaside inspired space with bright blues, hand made ceramic tiles, conch shell pendant lights and a top of the line shower tub combo – giving this couple the bathroom they have always longed for.

Dec 23
6:30am | 5:30c
Season 4, Episode 13

Seeing the Light

Carmen and Joe's bathroom is stuck in the dark ages. Mold is taking over the shower, and the cringe worthy green and pink color scheme isn't helping the mood! Throw in a vanity that's way too low and an ugly and this bathroom's a total eyesore. Watch as host Jeff Devlin shines a little light on a bad situation by adding a gigantic picture window. A larger shower with clear glass walls, and colorful accents to open up and brighten the space.

Sep 30
6:30am | 5:30c

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