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Modern Master Bedroom With Vibrant Orange Headboard

Cozy Contemporary Desk Nook With Wall-to-Wall Shelves

Clutter-Free Living Space

Stylish Eat-In Cottage Kitchen With Bright, Colorful Accents

Contemporary Dining Area for Two

Tall, Dramatic Centerpiece for a Dinner Party

New Doors and Drawer Fronts for Kitchen Cabinets

Dining Room Artwork Displayed Creatively

Prim and Polished Bathroom

Lighting Tips for Staging the Perfect Bedroom

About the Show

They say you have to spend money to make money. Nowhere is that more true than in the high-stakes world of real estate, but who wants to sink a fortune into fixing up a house they're trying to sell? Designed to Sell shows how to turn a tired house into a showpiece by giving sellers a $2,000 budget and a team of experts to transform their house into the hottest property on the block. Find out if all the hard work pays off with the ultimate goal: a bigger bottom line. Chock full of interior-design ideas, home improvement tips and real estate insider secrets, Designed to Sell has something for everyone.

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