Section 1: Getting Started

Think about what you need to make life easier, and how the design can grow with you as your needs change.

Section 2: Closet Basics

After you've decided what you need to store in your closet, create a design that gives you the space you want.

Section 3: Layout and Storage

By using a combination of storage components, you can create a user-friendly closet that makes your life easier.

Section 4: Add Personality

Choose the perfect finishing touches to give your closet personality and style.

Closet Cases: Success Stories

Making the Most of a Master Closet

Custom systems can turn cluttered disasters into hard-working closets.

Tackling Storage in a Teenage Closet

Keep it clutter-free with a variety of hooks, bins and open shelves.

Organizing the Linen Closet for Efficiency

Space-saving strategies transformed this linen closet nightmare.