Step Inside Giuliana Rancic's Gorgeous Closet

TV personality Giuliana Rancic gives us a peek inside her jaw-dropping walk-in closet designed by Lisa Adams.

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Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Photo By: Lisa Adams

Bright, White Stylish Storage

With her flawless style and constant fashion tips, it comes at no surprise that style-queen Giuliana Rancic boasts such a glamorous closet.

Easily-Accessible Accessories

A center island makes the most of the space with multiple drawers for Giuliana's amazing sunglasses collection and other delicate accessories.

Grab-and-Go Jewels

Giuliana's go-to necklaces hang from individual knobs to keep them from tangling and make it extra easy to put the finishing touches on an outfit.

So. Much. Storage.

The closet has a space for everything, including a cabinet with stacked sweaters behind glass doors, plenty of room for hanging clothes, and tons of drawers for smaller items and out-of-season pieces.

Functional Fashion

No space is wasted in this stylish walk-in. Giuliana keeps favorite perfumes and fresh flowers in a colorful blue tray on the island, and high shelves are reserved for items that are used less frequently.

Discreet Scarf Storage

A unique feature, Giuliana's closet features discreet storage for scarves that slides in and out to maintain a streamlined look when closed.

Handbag Heaven

Careful planning went into every step of this closet's smart design, which is most apparent with Giuliana's wow-worthy wall of purse storage, which features separate compartments for bags of all sizes.

Envy-Inducing Shoe Display

Giuliana's shoe display is the stuff dreams are made of. Rows on rows of dazzling white shelving provides plenty of room for heels, flats and a killer boot collection.

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