5 Ideas to Keep Your Tub and Shower Clutter-Free

Don't let half-empty shampoo bottles hog your storage space. Keep tub and shower clutter under control with these five simple tips.
Master Bathroom With Stacked Stone Wall and Open Storage

Master Bathroom With Stacked Stone Wall and Open Storage

A wall of stacked stone continues into the glass-enclosed shower, adding visual interest to this contemporary bathroom. Floating shelves next to the shower provide open storage space for towels and other bathroom necessities.

By: Lisa Frederick

Bath products have a way of sneaking up on you. You pick up a new conditioner to experiment with or a body wash because you fancy the smell, and before you know it, the rim of your tub or the shower floor is overflowing with half-empty bottles and tubes. Get a handle on tub and shower clutter with these easy steps.

Built-In Shower Storage Shelves

Built-In Shower Storage Shelves

Black subway tile serves as a springboard for the HGTV Smart Home 2014 guest bathroom's clean and sophisticated design. Built-in niches provide clever storage for shampoo, soaps and washcloths.

Photo by: 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved © 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved, 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Designate specific places to put gear. From soap bars and shampoo bottles to razors and nail brushes, each item in the tub or shower needs its own spot. If you’re building or remodeling, consider incorporating recessed niches or shelves that can accommodate products of different sizes. No need to get fancy, though — a classic hanging rack (the kind that slips over the shower head) or expandable corner shelving unit does the job too.

For a freestanding tub, go modular. If you have space, mount a cabinet or retrofit a recessed shelving unit on a wall next to the tub. Not feasible? Get a couple of pretty, moisture-proof baskets or crates that you can fill with supplies and tuck nearby. Or take the old-school route and buy a handheld dorm-style shower caddy that slips inside a cabinet when you’re not using it.

Winnow down. Do you really need four bottles of shampoo or half a dozen bath gels? Limit each product type to one at a time and you’ll save a ton of space (and streamline your morning routine). If you want to try a new product, make a rule that you have to use up the old one first. And don’t forget to toss empty containers, which can clutter up a shower in a blink.

Consider suction-mount dispensers. Want to get rid of the bottles altogether? Invest in a mounted dispenser unit. This gadget lets you squeeze your liquid toiletries into the different chambers, then pump out a bit at a time.

Make sure you have a place for bath towels. Nothing makes a shower look sloppier than used towels tossed haphazardly over the curtain rod. Install racks and hooks inside the shower, on the back of the bathroom door or in other convenient spots to ensure that you can hang damp towels and wet wash cloths.

22 Refreshing Shower Designs You'll Love

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Master Bathroom of the HGTV Urban Oasis 2012 located in Miami, FL.

Photo By: Eric Perry

interior designer,


Photo By: Designer, Lauren Jacobsen

Photo By: Designer, Lori Dennis

This art deco bathroom has inset doors and handmade subway tile on the walls of the shower. The entire room serves as a shower floor, with blue and green tiles. Clear-glass shower deflectors contribute to the clean and open composition of the room. The built-in vanity and tall cabinet ensure personal care.

Photo By: sphotodesign.com

Designer, Vanessa DeLeon, uses textures and pattern to add visual interest to this modern guest bathroom. Clean lines of the fixtures allow the tile work and wood tones to become the focal point of space.

Photo By: Designer, Vanessa DeLeon

Photo By: Designer, Velvet Hammerschmidt

Photo By: Soiree

Photo By: Sterling

The all glass and tile shower was designed to maximize the square footage of the shower. A tile bench was installed to provide a seating area with a rainfall shower head in the shower ceiling.

Glass shower doors create a streamlined look for this master bathroom. Recessed lights reflect off of glass doors and the shower floor is lined with small ceramic tile. White cabinets contrast nicely with wood floor.

A large glass-enclosed shower adds depth to this room, making the space appear wider. Sleek black cabinetry with slim silver hardware creates a smooth design. A metallic-framed mirror pops against the white walls and countertops, adding an exclamation to this tranquil design.

Pinks and blues make a whimsical color combination in this playful, eclectic bathroom. The minimalistic glass shower allows a blue and white damask Roman shade, colorful patterned wallpaper and a blue dresser to take center stage.

Designer Christopher Grubb replaced dark gray and black tiles in this contemporary bathroom with white ones to open up the shower from floor to ceiling. Decorative glass is used on one wall to bring natural light into the shower.


From: Katheryn Cowles

Photo By: Picasa


From: Katheryn Cowles

Photo By: Picasa

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