14 Beautiful Summer Gardens

When a planting scheme really comes together, magic happens. These gorgeous gardens are perfect examples.

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A Rainbow of Hues

Beginning gardeners who wonder what all the fuss with perennials is about need only look at this extraordinary display of color in this yard. Daylilies in a riot of different colors join with daisies, phlox, rudbeckia and many other hard-working perennials to create this amazing garden.

Summer in the Southwest

In this Sedona-inspired Southwest landscape, designed by Jamie Durie, drought-tolerant plants with colorful foliage and strong vertical forms play off the richly hued hardscape that includes Mexican roof tiles.

Sparkling Foliage

A silver and pink color scheme is perfect for a hot, sunny spot in a summer garden.

Water-Wise Rose Garden

RMSer SpackleMuddPalin conserves water in her southern California garden. The roses get drip irrigation, she says, and "surrounding plants survive only on winter rain and waste water from the koi pond."

Hydrangea Path

Hydrangea 'Tardiva' and 'Annabelle' create a pretty garden path under the shade of white pine trees.

Colorful Perennials Brighten Summer Garden

Flower color, foliage texture and dependable bloom times are distinct features of perennials that when mixed together can create details of interest and stunning sweeps of floral displays.

Secret Spot

This flower-covered gazebo creates a private area way from the rest of the garden.

Cannas Country

Over 150 cannas live in the Harvest Inn's Cannas Bed. These colorful tropical plants will grow to 8 feet tall by the end of the summer.

Pretty Pottage

This traditional English-style pottage garden by Aloe Designs is full of summer bounty: beans, corn, cabbage, potatoes, squash, beats, garlic, eggplant, onions, and poppies!

The Height of Summer

If you happened to walk through the streets of Edgartown in the summertime and peered into the gardens of the homes, this would be a typical example of the beautiful flowers and foliage you would see.

Summer Deck Garden

A variety of vibrant pots are filled with blooming summer annuals and perennials, making a stunning display on this outdoor wooden deck.

Fiery Japanese Maple

A Japanese maple stands out in a summer garden because of its beautiful red foliage.

Hello, Summer!

Sunflowers are a sure sign of summer. 

Daylily Paradise

This garden boasts over 75 different daylily varieties.