Invite Garden Guests With Birdhouses

Sweeten the pot to get robins, wrens and bluejays to come play in your garden.
Painted Birdhouses

Painted Birdhouses

With digs like these, birds will love to visit your garden.

With digs like these, birds will love to visit your garden.

I love birds. But between our five loud kids and the two semi-homeless neighborhood cats who’ve taken up residence on my lawn chairs, my winged backyard residents seem a little shy about getting up close and personal.

I’ve realized I may have to sweeten the pot to get the robins, wrens, and bluejays to come out and play – and a birdhouse is the perfect answer. Plus, building and decorating a birdhouse is a great family activity that can be as simple as painting a box, or a more complicated project for woodworking enthusiasts.

Check out these clever ideas for inspiration and instructions:

An empty milk carton and a Popsicle stick are the foundations of this super-simple (but super-cute) homemade bird feeder. Just a few more bowls of cereal to go, and the kids and I will be ready to make this project by the weekend.

Even easier? This peanut-butter pine cone bird feeder. The perfect impromptu rainy-afternoon project.

Got scraps left over from a household project? Build this cute, simple birdhouse from repurposed wood.

If you’re more into painting than building, consider this adorable birdhouse fence project. You can purchase pre-built, ready-to-paint wooden birdhouses online or at your local home-improvement or craft store.

Feeling inspired? I know I am. Soon my garden will be bustling with happy birds – now to find a way to keep those cats off my chairs!

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