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Discover ‘Osiria’ rose—and a host of other bicolor beauties.
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‘Osiria’ Rose (Rosa ‘Osiria’)

‘Osiria’ Rose (Rosa ‘Osiria’) has almost developed a cult following on social media among budding rose gardeners. Experienced rose gardeners who are true collectors may want to include ‘Osiria’ rose in their collections. Newer rose gardeners may want to pass on this bicolor Hybrid Tea rose due to slow growth, overall poor plant health and few flowers. Instead, try one of these roses, which team a bicolor blossom with strong plant growth and many more flowers over the course of the growing season.

Love Rose (Rosa ‘JACtwin’)

Love rose is a Grandiflora type that opens deep red blossoms with silver-white on the reverse of petals. Flowers appear throughout the growing season in several flushes. Expect single blooms or sprays. This is a 1980 All-America Rose Selections Award Winner with good disease resistance.

Coretta Scott King Rose (Rosa ‘WEKstohoco’)

Introduced in 2014, this Grandiflora rose features creamy buds that blush with coral tints as the petals unfold. Expect clusters of bloom in flushes throughout the growing season. Plants have good disease resistance.

Dream Come True Rose (Rosa ‘WEKdocpot’)

This yellow blend beauty is a Grandiflora rose introduced in 2006. Flowers feature golden yellow petals with ruby tinted edges. Expect flowers to occur in flushes throughout the growing season. This is a 2008 All-America Rose Selections Award Winner.

‘Snowfire’ Rose (Rosa ‘Snowfire’)

Hybrid Tea rose ‘Snowfire’ unfurls double flowers with a light fragrance. Velvety red petals have white backsides. The two-tone effect is lovely and quite similar to ‘Osiria’ rose. ‘Snowfire’ was introduced in 1970.

‘Copacabana’ Rose (Rosa ‘Copacabana’)

Two-tone beauty abounds in the blossoms of ‘Copacabana’ rose. Red tinted petals are lighter on the reverse side. This is a Hybrid Tea rose, like ‘Osiria’ rose. You can expect flowers to form throughout the growing season.

Monte Carlo Country Club Rose (Rosa ‘ADAcopro’)

Large blossoms appear on this Hybrid Tea rose. The flowers open to reveal red petals with yellow undersides. The two-tone effect is similar to ‘Osiria’ rose, but with the added bonus of yellow tints.

Rainbow Sorbet Rose (Rosa ‘BAIprez’)

A rainbow of hues makes the flowers of Rainbow Sorbet rose sparkle in the garden. Golden petals sporting red and orange shades make this bloomer a real conversation piece. This is a Floribunda rose, which means that flowers appear in small clusters. Expect blooms to form  throughout the growing season.

Gaujard Rose (Rosa ‘GAUmo’)

If you’d like the look of ‘Osiria’ rose in pink, don’t miss Gaujard rose. A Hybrid Tea like ‘Osiria’, Gaujard opens large pinky-cherry blossoms with white backsides to petals. It was released in 1957, won a Lyon gold medal in 1957 and also a Royal National Rose Society gold medal in 1958. These plants are very disease resistant.

Gemini Rose (Rosa ‘JACnepal’)

Large cream blooms gradually blush with coral and pink tones on this Hybrid Tea rose. Plants have strong disease resistance and flower throughout the growing season. Long stems make picking this rose for bouquets a must.

Paradise Rose (Rosa ‘WEzeip’)

Add a lavender bicolor rose to your garden with the beautiful bicolor blooms of Paradise. Flowers feature lavender petals edged with ruby and boast a fruity fragrance. Leaves on this Hybrid Tea rose offer strong disease resistance.

Nostalgie Rose (Rosa ‘TANeiglat’)

This Hybrid Tea rose unfurls creamy white blossoms that look like they have been dipped in cherry red. Plants flower throughout the growing season. Blooms exude a rose fragrance.

Harlekin Rose (Rosa ‘Korlupo’)

Also known as Kiss of Desire, Harlekin is a Climbing rose with lovely two-tone blooms. Fragrant flowers feature creamy white petals edged in pink. This is a repeat blooming climber, so expect flowers throughout the growing season. Leaves are disease resistant.

‘Osiria’ Hybrid Tea Rose (Rosa ‘Osiria’)

This is a photo of ‘Osiria’ Rose (Rosa ‘Osiria’) similar to the one that has created a stir and earned a following on social media. According to rose experts, many ‘Osiria’ photos online are likely photo shopped in several ways, including a deepening of the red tone of the bloom to a burgundy hue. True ‘Osiria’ Rose (Rosa ‘Osiria’) blossoms have a red edge with a silvery reverse.

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