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7 Shrubs for Shade Gardens 8 Photos

HGTV shares some of the best shrubs for shade gardens.

How to Make a Tree Stump Vase Jul 21, 2016

Take your seasonal floral arrangements to the next level with this crafty, organic vase made from a tree stump.

Formal English Rose Garden With Boxwoods, Antique Sculptures 7 Photos

HGTV presents a lovely formal English rose garden featuring walkways with layers of pruned boxwoods, antique statues, abundant topiaries and a round fountain.

Hydrangea Cheat Sheet Feb 23, 2016

Learn about new varieties available, plus how to care for hydrangeas.

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Pots Feb 21, 2016

Learn how to grow these ever-popular flowering shrubs in containers for mobile garden color.

Favorite Camellia Varieties Feb 14, 2016

Lifestyle expert James Farmer shares his passion for growing camellias, evergreen shrubs with showy blooms.

Guide to Growing Cherry Trees May 20, 2016

A classic ice cream sundae wouldn't be complete without the addition of this juicy fruit on top.

Landscaping Trees May 19, 2016

A look at the most popular landscaping trees for residential landscaping projects.

Guide to Growing Peach, Nectarine and Apricot Trees May 18, 2016

While some have fuzz and others do not, these fruits all have one thing in common—they taste delicious.

How to Grow an Avocado Tree: Guac 'n' Roll Feb 17, 2016

Tips for turning that avocado pit into a thriving avocado tree and your next bowl of guacamole.