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Remove Clinging Vines Feb 17, 2016

Learn how to clear unwanted vines from your yard and garden with these tips.

Evergreen Clematis Feb 17, 2016

Beautiful year-round, this glossy-leaf vine is a blooming wonder in early spring.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Feb 17, 2016

Embrace high-flying beauty by planting black-eyed Susan vine, an easy growing tropical climber.

Choosing Plants for Arches and Pergolas Nov 15, 2017

Add life to your arch or pergola with these suggestions for colorful and exotic climbing flowers.

Clematis: A Shade Garden Superstar Feb 3, 2016

Short on sun? Browse the seemingly endless options for this woody blooming vine.

A Guide to Climbing Clematis Plants Feb 3, 2016

By: The Complete Gardener's Guide

Discover the climbing clematis that will work best for your garden space with this helpful guide.

Our Favorite Flowers: Mandevilla May 17, 2016

A beautiful late-spring bloomer.

Plant Perp Walk: How to ID Poison Ivy Feb 23, 2016

Follow these tips for identifying and dealing with this bothersome plant.

31 Magical Walt Disney World Topiaries 31 Photos

HGTV shares photos of your favorite Disney characters transformed into living topiaries at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

All About Ajuga May 11, 2016

Carpet a shady spot, a slope or an area where grass won't grow with this tough groundcover. Bonus: you'll get spring-to-summer blooms.

How to Choose, Plant and Grow Flowering Vines May 11, 2016

Add beautiful color and dimension to your garden with flowering vines for all seasons.

Planting Winter Rye Mar 14, 2016

Improve your vegetable garden soil with a cover crop of winter rye, a deep-rooted grain that breaks up hard soil.

Growing Sweet Autumn Clematis Mar 13, 2016

Relish this fragrant climber, but keep its aggressive nature in check.

Blooming Favorites and Their Distant Cousins 14 Photos

Want to learn about the less-common color varieties of popular spring-blooming ornamentals? See this gallery of beauties on HGTV Gardens.

Tropical Flowers for Your Deck and Garden Apr 28, 2016

Don't let space limitations keep you from growing sumptuous mandevilla, bougainvillea and hibiscus.

How to Trellis Plants and Flowers 15 Photos

HGTV Gardens experts offers tips for cheap and easy ways to trellis plants and flowers.

Sedum spurium Apr 4, 2016

Count on Sedum spurium to form a thick, drought-tolerant mat of living color.

Sedum sarmentosum Apr 4, 2016

Got some ground to cover? Check out this tough and drought-tolerant lime-green sedum.

Growing American Wisteria Mar 31, 2016

Keep this breathtaking flowering vine in check by choosing the native variety.

Honey Do: Growing Trumpet Honeysuckle Mar 31, 2016

Let's sound the trumpet about this appealing vine.

Alternatives to Grass Mar 30, 2016

Consider these practical, low-maintenance alternatives to a traditional lawn.

Plumbago: Our Favorite Flowers Mar 16, 2016

Cover the ground with this blue-flowered shrub. 

Kudzu Conundrum: How to Deal With This Invasive Plant Dec 16, 2016

Tips for stopping this plant monster’s advance and enjoying its benefits to boot.

Pruning and Training Climbing Plants Mar 29, 2016

Knowing when and how to prune climbing plants is essential to remove dead stems and promote healthy growth.

Seek Cover: Grow Groundcover Plants Mar 22, 2016

Use low-growing perennials and shrubs as groundcovers to cover slopes or to replace high-maintenance lawns.

Trumpet Vine Will Grow on You Mar 21, 2016

Be vigilant when it comes to this beautiful but invasive vine.

In the Weeds: Wisteria Vine Mar 21, 2016

This poetic climbing vine adds a touch of romance to any garden.

Oceanfront Outdoor Living 6 Photos

HGTV presents a beach-view pool with multi-hued stone pavers, a gazebo with vine-wrapped columns, and an abundance of wooden lounge chairs with white cushions.

Vinca: A Symphony in Major and Minor 5 Photos

Use both minor and major vinca for groundcover

Taste of the Tropics: Mandevilla, Hibiscus and Bougainvillea 14 Photos

Tropical flowers can add lustrous color and drama to your deck or garden, whether you live in the tropics or not.