Growing a Strawberry Plant

Alpine strawberries are a dainty but flavor-packed version of the fruits we all know and love. They are even better suited to pot culture than normal strawberries, as they are so dimunutive in size.
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Strawberries Can Be Grown in Clay Strawberry Pots

Strawberries Can Be Grown in Clay Strawberry Pots

©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

Clay pots designed for growing strawberries work best with special pockets on the sides for multiple strawberry plants. These offer favorable growth conditions for the strawberry plants and will not require as much attention.

Unlike normal strawberries, which must be grown in the full sun for the best tasting berries, these woodland plants will grow and crop quite happily in some dappled shade. A strawberry planter or tower is a tall pot with side pockets for planting. It won’t provide enough of a crop for making jam, but there should be enough for scattering over your breakfast cereal for a few weeks in the summer. Add a couple of shade-tolerant annuals, such as these begonias, for aesthetic appeal.

Border Basics 

  • Size: Large strawberry pot 
  • Suits: Patio or courtyard 
  • Soil: Potting soil 
  • Site: Light shade 

Shopping List 

  • 5 x Alpine strawberry 
  • 1 x Angel wings begonia 
  • 3 x Begonia Cocktail Series 

Planting and Aftercare 

Line the base of the tower with broken terracotta or stones to cover the drainage holes, then start to fill with soil. When you reach the level of the lowest pockets, position the strawberries or other chosen plants in them and feed in compost around the rootballs. Carry on filling the tower in the same way until all the pockets and the top are planted. Keep the plants well watered during the summer; they must not be allowed to dry out while the fruits are swelling and ripening. Feed with a tomato fertilizer during spring and summer. Continue to pick the fruits to encourage the plants to carry on producing. Also deadhead the flowering plants to maintain their display.

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