The Fast Paced Apartment Market of Abu Dhabi

Episode HHINT-1603H

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Shelly accepted a teaching contract in Abu Dhabi which is a city in the United Arab Emirates. Now she's off to a place much different than her home town of Ottawa, Canada. Luckily she's going to have a few people helping her find an apartment once she arrives: her friend Stephanie has been teaching in Abu Dhabi already and her realtor Catherine Igoe is a sharp whip who knows the fast paced market of Abu Dhabi like the back of her hand. Catherine knows that most westerners find the market scene (and traffic!) there perplexing. She warns that if buyers don't act fast apartments can literally be on the market one day and gone the next. Can Shelly reduce her life to three suitcases, move to a land much different than her own and find an apartment all before the school year begins?


    • Catherine Igoe, Agent, Hayatt Real Estate