Christine and Her Husband Andrea Want to Raise Their Son in the Countryside Outside of Bologna, Italy

Episode HHINT-1713H

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Christine is an American who followed her husband Andrea to his hometown of Bologna, Italy, when he started a new job as the director of a student exchange program at the University of Bologna. While they love living in Italy, they don't want to raise their 5-year-old son, Ray, in a small apartment in the city and are looking for a house in the hills near Bologna. With a budget of $710,000, they are in sync on their needs with one exception. As an American, Christine wants a home with some history. Andrea wants a home that is functional and doesn't need any work at all. Their agent, Grazia Lanzoni, is up for the challenge.


    • Grazia Lanzoni
      Abitare nel Verde
      Monzuno, (BO) Italy