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  • HHBN-113H
    Cortney and Bob head to New England to refurbish their country house with all seven kids in tow. They give some old tire swings a fresh look using an easy spray painting technique. They let the kids loose when they turn a spare room into an

  • HHBN-202H
    Cortney & Bob are off to Gramercy in New York to meet with their client, Emmy Award winning TV producer David Perler. David hired Bob and Cortney to rearrange some walls and make an open floorplan living room/kitchen/dining and now he wants

  • HHBN-110H
    Cortney and Robert take their city, chic home design chops to the Everett family home in suburban New Jersey to renovate a basement divided into a playroom for the kids: Hannah, Charlie and Paige and a home theater/entertainment for parents

  • HHBN-205H
    Cortney & Bob meet with their friend Grammy-award winner Suzanne Vega and plan a modern redesign to her pre-war two bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side. The Novogratz start by decluttering. They reorganize her massive collection of ove

  • HHBN-206H
    The Novogratz are off to Washington Square Park, where they meet the Ellant family. They have a tight three-bedroom apartment, with a living area that is in desperate need for some so definition and decluttering. They decide to use bold and

  • HHBN-213H
    Cortney & Bob design a pair of kids' bedrooms in a classic four-story Brooklyn brownstone.

  • HHBN-204H
    Cortney & Bob head to snowy Mammoth, California where they meet their client, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, on the top of a mountain. Tony may be the master of vertical skateboarding, but his '70s ski lodge is woefully outdated and in d

  • HHBN-106H
    Cortney and Robert meet with sisters Katherine and Debra who recently purchased a beach home in Rockaway Beach that needs a major interior design renovation. The sisters love to surf and want their home to have a bohemian beach chic feeling

  • HHBN-208H
    Cortney & Bob meet with the Koch family who have a big challenge: to design a multi-use living room, that needs to function as part living room, part dining room, part home office and part playroom for their daughter Samantha.

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Cortney and Robert Novogratz — the husband and wife design team who juggle seven children and dozens of clients — believe good taste and deep pockets have nothing to do with each other. In each episode, Robert and Cortney take on a new design project and create totally unique, wildly original spaces that showcase their funky, downtown-chic aesthetic, their unpretentious design sensibility, and their self-taught, drop-dead gorgeous style. They'll learn on the job, pull together an eclectic mix of shopping finds and, in the end, present their client with a spectacular and totally customized room that surpasses every expectation.