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An Amazing Barn Conversion

A Truly Amazing Barn Conversion

A north Georgia couple just wanted to be closer to the stables where they kept their horses. They got their wish — and more — when they actually converted their barn into a luxe living space and a home to accommodate their whole family as well as their pets and horses.

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Unbelievable Great Room Makeover

Photos: Before and After

Chip transformed this family's living area into a sleek, modern great room.

Photos: Before and After

Make The Most of a Small Space

10 Ways: Get More Elbow Room

Think there's no more room? See Chip's clever solutions.

10 Ways: Get More Elbow Room

Home Repair Tips From a Pro

5 Common Questions, Answered

Should you hire a pro or do it yourself? Chip weighs in.

5 Common Questions, Answered

  • HELBR-202H
    Bryan and Kathy feel like they never get to see their kids because there's not a big enough area to hang out in for this family of 5. Their house is chopped up in to small rooms, especially their kitchen, so everyone goes their separate way

  • HELBR-203H
    Momma Mac, as she's called, has an official church and congregation, but she really does her ministry from her home kitchen. She's the first one to tell you that you can stop by her house anytime and she will provide you with a hot, delic

  • HELBR-204H
    Designer / contractor Chip Wade transforms a storage room and an old patio into a resort like oasis perfect for entertaining and playing games with friends and family. Chip renovates the space by adding a horseshoe and bocce ball court, cab

  • HELBR-205H
    Finding some alone time together is proving to be difficult for Erik and Susanne. Their two children are taking overthe house, even their tiny, cramped master bedroom. And the whole family shares one small bathroom. These parents want t

  • HELBR-206H
    Jessica and John bought their home from Jessica's paternal grandmother. They are now the fourth generation to live in the house. However, they are anxious to get rid of the wood paneling, closed-off layout and original retro appliances in t

  • HELBR-207H
    The Gibson family wants their backyard to be the entertainment hub of the neighborhood. While it has tons of potential, it is completely bare. They've spent all their energy renovating and beautifying the interior of their home that they no

  • HELBR-208H
    When Bart and Kristin first saw their home, they immediately fell in love with its charm and history. But once they moved in they realized that the layout of the 1930's house was not functional at all! Now a nagging question haunts Kristin

  • HELBR-301H
    Peter and Allison bought a house midway through the renovation process of the second floor, tired of living in a construction zone, they call on designer/ contractor Chip Wade to complete the project. Chip creates a striking bath room for h

  • HELBR-305H
    The Carroll's have three generations of family under one house of small closed off rooms. Nancy loves to bake, but the kitchen cuts her off from everyone else. Designer/contractor Chip Wade solves this problem by tearing out the walls to cr

  • HELBR-310ZT2H
    The Jordan family moved from the city to the country and bought a barn that they want to transform into their dream home, the problem is no contractors will touch this project. Designer/ contractor Chip Wade saddles up for the challenge to

  • HELBR-105H
    The toys are taking over! Christine and Jim Newton's home is littered with their two girls' toys, including their basements' guestroom/office. Designer/contractor Chip Wade wants to remove the toy clutter by creating a bedroom and play spac

  • HELBR-104H
    Policeman and messy backyard BBQ chef Eddie Smith's daughter Taylor calls on designer/contractor Chip Wade to surprise her dad with a basement and outdoor patio makeover. The basement is filled with Eddie's work out equipment and the adjace

  • HELBR-211H
    Julia and David run a graphic design business out of their home. The only entrance to the office is through their master bedroom. They feel very unprofessional when they have clients over and ask them to walk around their bed. And with two

  • HELBR-204H
    Designer / contractor Chip Wade transforms a storage room and an old patio into a resort like oasis perfect for entertaining and playing games with friends and family. Chip renovates the space by adding a horseshoe and bocce ball court, cab

  • HELBR-201H
    Designer/contractor Chip Wade is presented with a unique challenge for this outdoor space: make it work for an entire family of 5! In addition to a patio and grilling station for dad, mom wants an outdoor oasis and the kids want an area to

  • HELBR-110H
    Air Force pilot Preston and his wife Greer have moved so much that they've never bothered to decorate their homes. Now that they've bought a house they are eager to make it their own. Problem is, they don't know how to fix their ugly kit

  • HELBR-111H
    Todd Brown relocated his family to Atlanta for his job. He got his kids excited about the move by promising a great backyard with a tree house. Todd has been trying to make this happen, but his skills and time are limited. Designer/contrac

  • HELBR-304H
    Tom and Beverly Maiellaro and their 3 boys have out grown their house and they can't agree on wether they want stay or find a new home. Designer/contractor Chip Wade wants to convince Tom that he can renovate the kitchen and living space t

  • HELBR-306H
    The Overdyke's don't like the closed floor plan of their 70's style ranch home. There is no grown up space for them because the kid's toys are everywhere. They need a space to accommodate both kids and adults. Designer / contractor Chip Wad

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In each episode of HGTV's Elbow Room, host Chip Wade helps a family who has outgrown their home devise and undertake an ingenious, large-scale renovation, custom remodel or home addition that's perfectly suited to the family's living needs.

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