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An Amazing Barn Conversion

A Truly Amazing Barn Conversion

A north Georgia couple just wanted to be closer to the stables where they kept their horses. They got their wish — and more — when they actually converted their barn into a luxe living space and a home to accommodate their whole family as well as their pets and horses.

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Unbelievable Great Room Makeover

Photos: Before and After

Chip transformed this family's living area into a sleek, modern great room.

Photos: Before and After

Make The Most of a Small Space

10 Ways: Get More Elbow Room

Think there's no more room? See Chip's clever solutions.

10 Ways: Get More Elbow Room

Home Repair Tips From a Pro

5 Common Questions, Answered

Should you hire a pro or do it yourself? Chip weighs in.

5 Common Questions, Answered

  • HELBR-303H
    Back from a 6-year stay in Alaska, Beth, Patrick and their four kids have become accustom to open space and have outgrown their segmented floor plan. Designer/ contractor Chip Wade wants to give Beth a great room where she can oversee the k

  • HELBR-305H
    The Carroll's have three generations of family under one house of small closed off rooms. Nancy loves to bake, but the kitchen cuts her off from everyone else. Designer/contractor Chip Wade solves this problem by tearing out the walls to cr

  • HELBR-306H
    The Overdyke's don't like the closed floor plan of their 70's style ranch home. There is no grown up space for them because the kid's toys are everywhere. They need a space to accommodate both kids and adults. Designer / contractor Chip Wad

  • HELBR-304H
    Tom and Beverly Maiellaro and their 3 boys have out grown their house and they can't agree on wether they want stay or find a new home. Designer/contractor Chip Wade wants to convince Tom that he can renovate the kitchen and living space t

  • HELBR-301H
    Peter and Allison bought a house midway through the renovation process of the second floor, tired of living in a construction zone, they call on designer/ contractor Chip Wade to complete the project. Chip creates a striking bath room for h

  • HELBR-310ZH
    The Jordan family moved from the city to the country and bought a barn that they want to transform into their dream home, the problem is no contractors will touch this project. Designer/ contractor Chip Wade saddles up for the challenge to

  • HELBR-311ZH
    The Jackson family wants to change their huge back yard into the ultimate gathering space to entertain their large extended family. Designer/contractor Chip Wade extends the living space outside where the kids and the adults can play, by ex

  • HELBR-309H
    David and Kerstin Adelman often have family visiting for long periods of time so they want to use their unfinished basement as a guest suite and family room. Designer/contractor Chip Wade rips out the back wall and installs a glass panel wi

  • HELBR-313H
    Vince and Cathy Zappa live on busy street and they worry because their kids play in front of the house because the backyard is a mess of dead leaves and pine needles. Designer/contractor Chip Wade solves this dilemma by creating an outdoor

  • HELBR-109H
    Marie and Rob Hunter bought their home because it's in a nice neighborhood with lots of families and great schools. It was a foreclosure and they knew they'd have to put some work into it, but when their contractor took their money and left

  • HELBR-113H
    Colleen fell in love with Brad- but not his old bachelor pad. So when the happy couple tied the knot, he vowed to give her a master suite that would make his house feel like her home too. But flash forward two years and all that's been acco

  • HELBR-112H
    John and Sherri thought they had the perfect house until about a year ago, when John took a job with a company based out of Philadelphia. Now they both work from home and are sharing a tiny cramped space that makes it impossible to get any

  • HELBR-111H
    Todd Brown relocated his family to Atlanta for his job. He got his kids excited about the move by promising a great backyard with a tree house. Todd has been trying to make this happen, but his skills and time are limited. Designer/contrac

  • HELBR-201H
    Designer/contractor Chip Wade is presented with a unique challenge for this outdoor space: make it work for an entire family of 5! In addition to a patio and grilling station for dad, mom wants an outdoor oasis and the kids want an area to

  • HELBR-308H
    Adam Redd works from home in a tiny office but the noise of his young children and barking dog is distracting him from his work, he needs a quiet space to focus. Designer/contractor Chip Wade designs a professional office that doubles as a

  • HELBR-307H
    High school sweethearts Renee and Michael Wymer's house has a lot of history. Renee grew up in the house that they bought from her dad, but it's too small for their family of four. Designer/contractor Chip Wade reconfigures the house to be

  • HELBR-312H
    Renee, and her daughters love hosting foreign exchange students, but haven't been able to since moving into their cramped space. Designer/ contractor Chip Wade turns their cavernous basement into a bright and fun living space for the family

  • HELBR-203H
    Momma Mac, as she's called, has an official church and congregation, but she really does her ministry from her home kitchen. She's the first one to tell you that you can stop by her house anytime and she will provide you with a hot, delic

  • HELBR-302H
    Sara and Josh Howell are a young couple with a little daughter and one on the way. Their master suite has become the epicenter of the home and they need more space to congregate. Designer/contractor Chip Wade creates an open floor plan by

  • HELBR-107H
    Homeowners Bill and Jennifer Langley's solid concrete house has one big living/dining room downstairs that is the only space for entertaining family, friends and kids. But when everyone's gathered, it's crowded and the noise level is a nig

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