5 Metal Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes can be both stylish and functional. These 5 backsplashes range from embossed tin to sleek silver.

Tin Tavern

Tin backsplashes bring to mind the designs of yesteryear, particularly the ceilings of early 20th century taverns. Photo Credit: Susan Cato

Modern Mosaic

A collection of bronze tiles assembled in a tetris pattern that is reminiscent of a Mondrian painting. Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Hardware

The Bronze Age

Handmade bronze tiles add sophisticated lines to your kitchen and match with a variety of materials. Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Hardware

Perfect Patina

A decorative leaf design is handcrafted in silicon bronze with a light patina. The tiles are matched with a bar sink of the same material. Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Hardware

Silver Ribbons

This hip geometric design is a perfect complement for a contemporary kitchen. The tiles are made of white bronze and finished with a light patina. Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Hardware

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