10 Creative Yet Simple Projects for Kids' Rooms

Find easy-to-do decorating projects to add a playful touch to your little one's space.

By: Janell Beals

Transitional Kid's Room with Chalkboard Walls and Chalkboard Lamps

Kid's Room with Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard walls make a fun and unique addition to a kid's bedroom.

Go Ahead, Draw on the (Chalkboard) Walls

Encourage creativity by adding a wide chalkboard stripe around the walls of your kid's bedroom. With painter's tape mark off the width to be painted, then paint a layer of primer followed by a layer of chalkboard paint. With so many new colors of chalkboard paint now available, this project can work with the color palette of nearly any kid's bedroom.

Please Leave a Message

Girl's DIY Cork Message Board

DIY Message Board

Create a cute message board for your child using a cheap cork board, a little paint, and some stylish fabric.

Create an adorable message board using an inexpensive framed corkboard. Select a fabric and coordinating paint color to add a fun pop of color and pattern to the bedroom. Cover the cork surface with fabric, turning under the edges for a finished look. Attach the fabric by pushing nail-head trim through the fabric into the cork around the edges of the frame. Hang the message board and start pinning on messages, invitations and your child's special little drawings.

Redesign a Pendant Fixture

Pendant Light with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Light

A kid's bedroom features a ceiling light with chalkboard paint, creating a fun place for unique messages.

On a tight design budget but want a designer look? Head off to Ikea and pick up a fun light fixture. Customize the shade by creating a large band of color using chalkboard paint. Once the surface is dry, write a favorite word or saying which reflects the design theme of the room. Get your child in on the fun by handing them a piece of chalk to draw on the shade. Kids just love being able to personalize their room and this is a fun way to get them involved in the design.

Oh-So-Pretty Chair

Transitional Coral and Teal Girl's Bedroom with Blue Chair

Girl's Room with Blue Chair

A kid's bedroom features a blue chair with patterned cushion.

Update a chair with paint and fabric to bring in a dose of sweet style. Sand the frame and paint with a layer of primer. Once this has dried, paint the chair with a beautiful color found in the fabric you'll be using to re-cover the seat cushion. To give the frame some extra interest, rub on a bit of Rub 'n Buff, available in several metallic finishes. To finish the project, add a new layer of foam to the seat cushion frame, wrap the new fabric around its edges and staple into place.

Goodnight Message

Grey and Gold Chalkboard Lamps for Kid's Room

Kid's Room with Chalkboard Lamps

Lamps with chalkboard paint make a fun and unique accessory to a kid's bedroom.

Leave sweet messages for your child by writing on chalkboard lamps placed in their bedroom. Start with a pair of lamps that have a wide writing surface, such as a square or round base. Apply a layer of primer followed by a layer of chalkboard paint. If a dark color won't work in your child's bedroom, paint the bases using any of the other wonderful chalkboard paint colors now available.

Paint It Pretty Crown Molding

Coral and Teal Girl's Bedroom with Stenciled Border and Chandelier

Girl's Bedroom with Stenciled Border

Painted stencils are a fun and unique alternative to traditional wallpaper borders.

If a bedroom doesn't have crown molding, don't worry — you can create the look of molding with paint. Simply run the ceiling color down onto the walls a few inches. Using painter's tape will make this job fast and easy. Once this step is complete, stencil a pretty decorative detail along the walls under the new "molding." To further customize this project, try designing your own stencil. This project adds instant character and charm to a kid's bedroom.

A Room for a Young Explorer

Transitional Kid's Room with Chalkboard Paint and Stenciled Mural Wall

Kid's Room with Chalkboard and Mural Walls

A kid's bedroom with chalkboard painted walls and large mural of a world map.

Introduce your child to the wonders of travel by painting maps on their bedroom walls. Project a map onto the wall or simply draw freehand; it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Trace the map and paint over the lines with dark paint using a small tapered paintbrush. Once the lines dry, fill in the land areas with paint colors that coordinate with the bedroom. The names of cities, countries and special places you and your children have visited or plan to go can also be painted onto the map. These maps are educational and bring a strong graphic element into the room.

Fun Little Footstool

Coral and Teal Girl's Bedroom with Large Mirror and Furry Ottoman

Transitional Girl's Bedroom with Large Mirror and Furry Ottoman

A kid's bedroom features a fun furry ottoman and large mirror.

Colorful paint and fun fabric can quickly update a small stool or ottoman. Start by lightly sanding the frame, then paint on a layer of primer followed by paint. Re-cover the cushion by cutting the fabric the size of the cushion plus four to five inches on all sides. This gives you enough fabric to pull under the back side of the cushion frame and attach with a staple gun. Reattach the cushion to the frame. This fun accent piece will certainly get a lot of creative use during play.

Lampshade Makeover

Gray and Gold Chalkboard Lamps

Chalk it Up

Chalkboard lamps provide a fun place for kids to write messages.

Every room needs a fun pattern included in the design, and what better place to introduce the pattern than on a lampshade? Start with a drum, oval or square-shaped shade. Measure the height of the shade between the top and bottom bands and the circumference of the shade plus two inches. Cut the fabric to those dimensions. Attach the fabric by applying fabric glue along the top and bottom edges, wrapping the fabric around the shade and turning under the end of the fabric for a finished seam. This project costs nearly nothing and brings a customized touch to a bedroom.

Headboard Charm

Blue Teen Girls' Bedroom With Coral Draperies and Crystal Chandelier

Transitional Teen Bedroom With Coral Draperies

A kid's bedroom features a baby blue upholstered headboard and bright red curtains.

Nothing brings a more finished look to a bedroom than an upholstered headboard, and it's easier than you think to make your own. Cut a sheet of plywood to desired size and shape or select a pre-made frame and cover with a thick foam using a spray adhesive. Then wrap the frame with batting followed by the fabric, using a staple gun to attach the layers to the back side of the frame. This headboard with its solid fabric blends beautifully into the room. Using a boldly patterned and colorful fabric as an alternative creates a headboard that becomes the focal point of the bedroom.

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